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People find themselves dedicated to monastic traditions through a variety of means. Some seek it out as a means to achieve perfection of body or purity of thought. Others seek to master secret fighting techniques. Others are forced into monasteries through orphanages or even selection from a lottery. The very rare enter the tradition seeking absolution, and of those, only a few emerge as the Forgiven.

The Forgiven are at peace with who and what they are. They have accepted themselves and their place within the multiverse. While not always forgiven by society, the Forgiven have achieved absolution from the most critical of judges: themselves. Because of this, they have mastered mindfulness of themselves, and, in very advanced students, of others.

Character Backstory Suggestions[edit]

Character backgrounds should include some sort of shameful or illegal act or state of being. The character should be regretful about the act or state of being, and should seek to address it without drawing undo attention to it. They will not hide from this trait, but it should be uncomfortable to them when it is brought up. Over time, as they progress through the states of Forgiveness, they may even be able to turn this characteristic into a source of great strength.

A monk on the path of the Way of the Forgiven might be someone who had caused the destruction of their home, their family, or even their village. They may also be a deserter from a military force, or an exile from another land due to some crime. They may also be cursed, which brings pain to those around them (e.g., lycanthropy, vampirism, leprosy, etc.)

Abilities Gained By Level[edit]

In addition to those listed below, when you take flurry of blows as a bonus action, you spend a number of ki points up to 3 to make a number of additional unarmed strikes equal to the amount of ki point spent.

Ripples on the Water

At level 3, as a bonus action you can spend 1 ki point and bring peace to a tense situation. Any beings (humanoid, beasts, or creatures) in the area must make a charisma Saving Throw at 18 or be instantly calmed. Any sense of danger, fear, or anger is quelled, and the beings are calmed to a point where, if possible, a conversation can be held. A failed throw results in increased hostility as the targets recognize they were being manipulated.

Face Your Demons

At level 6, the Forgiven can spend one ki point to make another see the thing they are most ashamed of. It is an illusion that seems completely real to them, and distracts the other completely for five minutes. This can be done multiple times or to multiple beings, each time requires one ki point.

The Mind's Eye

At level 9, The Forgiven can look into the mind of another, learning all about them and their regrets. In so doing, the Forgiven dominates them. The Forgiven's will commands the other's mind, and controls that being for 5 minutes. This action consumes all of your available ki points.


At Level 12, you can spend all of your available ki points to absolve a single entity. This forces the being to let go of all they hold on to, and mentally ascend to a state of total forgiveness. The being's mind leaves their body, which has the unfortunate side effect of killing their body instantly. The target must make a Wisdom Saving Throw of 20 or higher. A successful check reduces the target's hit points by one half, and stuns the target for two rounds. A failed throw kills the target instantly.

Oneness With The Universe

At Level 16, you can spend ki points to allow your body to become one with your surroundings. You will be able to do things like walk through fire, water, or lava, phase through walls, doors or even solid rock, or fly as if made of air. Each ki point spent in this way will give you a single such effect for one minute.

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