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Way of The Force[edit]

You follow an ancient but mysterious tradition of the Jeā€™Daii, an order of monks who seek enlightenment through mastery of the force. The force is a type of ki that exists within all things, both living and non living, as it is the energy that connects all that exists together. From the mightiest of dragons and the tallest of mountains, to the smallest of insects and the tiniest of pebbles. Unlike most forms of ki however, it flows just as strongly outside the body as it does in one's self, as its connection to everything in existence makes it much more loose and open. It surrounds everyone, penetrates all life, and it binds the very universe together. Few know of the Force and those who know how to use it are even fewer, with the order only having a single small monastery far from society with only a handful of a dozen or so monks inhabiting it. The reason for this is because despite how much more free and unrestricted the flow of the force is, its flow is very difficult to stop and manipulate due to its constant intertwining connection paths to everything in the universe. The Way of the Force is much more advanced than most monk disciplines and much harder to master, but its power is unbelievable and vast in the hands of those who can properly bend and mold it in their hands. Anyone who can use the power of the force is not one to be trifled with, a lesson many have learned the hard way.

Disciplines of the Force[edit]

Beginning when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you know the most basic of force techniques that are known to every Je'Daii, both novice and master.These require very little force energy, an amount that is almost automatically recovered, but they can be strengthened by pouring more into them.You know the following:

  • Force Assault:You use the Force to enhance your fighting abilities. During combat, you can take a bonus action to add 1d4 force damage to each of your attack til the end of your next turn.When you activate this ability, you can expend a number of ki points equal to your wisdom modifier (minimum of 1). For each ki point spent, add 1d4 of force damage.
  • Force Push:You know how to hit your enemies with a wave of pure force energy.As an attack, you can fire a blast of force energy in a 15 foot cone, a 20 foot line or a 25/50 attack roll. Targeted creatures must make a constitution saving throw equal to your monk save DC or take force damage equal to your martial arts dice+your wisdom modifier and be pushed back 10 feet.If you make an attack with this feature, an unarmed strike or a monk weapon you can make another attack with this feature as a bonus action.When you use this attack, you can spend a number of ki points up to your proficiency bonus to increase the range of the chosen attack by 5 ft per point spent.This can be used with Flurry of Blows.
  • Force Grip: Using the force, you can lift and move objects and creatures by manipulating the force within them. As an action, you can lift any willing creature or object not being worn/carried you can see within 60 ft that is Small or Tiny, and can move it up to 30 feet as an action or throw it at a creature you can see as a monk weapon attack with a range of 30/60. To continue holding said object or creature, you must either keep using your action on each of your turns to do so or spend 1 ki point at the start of each of your turns to maintain concentration. If the target is an unwilling creature or an object being worn/carried, the targeted creature must make a strength save. They can continue to make the save at the start of each of their turns if they fail if they were what was targeted and not an object they were wearing or carrying.When you use this feature you can expend a number of ki points equal to your proficiency bonus to pick up additional objects or creatures per point spent so long as they meet the size requirements.The maximum size you can pick up becomes Medium at 6th level, Large at 10th, Huge at 15th and Gargantuan at 18th.

Mind Power[edit]

The force not only connects everything physically and spiritually, but mentally as well, and this connection can be used to affect the minds of others. At 3rd level, you have 40 feet of telepathy, and can use this on any creature regardless on if you share a language with them or not. However, if a creature has an intelligence score of 6 or less, you can only communicate basic images and feelings between you and the creature, such as what the creature recently saw or how fearful and or calm it is at the current moment.In addition, you can spend 2 ki points to cast Detect thoughts as an action.

Force Techniques[edit]

At 6th level, you have begun to learn more ways to use and control the force.You learn 2 from the following:

  • Force Speed: Using the force you are able to make yourself move much more swiftly. You can spend 2 ki points to double your movement speed until the end of your next turn. You can choose to spend 1 ki point every turn afterwards to keep this active.
  • Force Lightning:By manipulating the force around you, you are able to attack with force energy that simulates the effects of electricity.You gain the Shocking Grasp cantrip, but with a range of 30 feet instead of touch.In addition, when you are targeted with a lightning based ranged attack or spell, you can spend 1 ki point to use your Deflect Missiles Reaction on it.
  • Force Barrier:The Force can be used to help block any direct attacks. When you are hit by an attack, you can spend 2 ki points to add your proficiency bonus to your AC until the start of your next turn.
  • Force Stasis:You are able to use the force to render a foe immobile.You can spend 2 ki points to cast Hold Person on a creature you can see within range.
  • Force Healing:When a teammate is wounded, the power of the force is what can heal them best. You can expend 2 ki points to heal them by a number of hit points equal to your monk level.For ever additional ki point spent, they heal by an extra 5 points.
  • Force Jump:You can use the force to allow you to become much lighter, leaping much higher and much farther. You can spend 2 ki points to gain a high jump equal to your walking speed, and a long jump equal to half of that.
  • Force Choke:While the Force connects everything in existence, you have found away to make it stop the connection of air to the lungs.When you use your Grip ability on a creature you can choose to use a bonus action to choke them. They must make a constitution save. On a fail, the creature begins to suffocate (and is considered silenced) for 1d4 rounds. If you use this ability when someone/something is speaking it gains disadvantage on its saving throw.
  • Force Defense: Using the force, you can protect yourself from different sources of damaging effects to an extent.You can expend a number of ki points equal to your proficiency modifier, gaining resistance to a number of damage types of your choice equal to the ki points spent until the end of your next turn.

You choose another at 11th and 17th levels.

Mind Trick[edit]

At 11th level,the force now allows you to influence the minds of anyone who isn't strong enough mentally to resist, making them take actions they usually would not do.As an action, you can expend 3 ki points to manipulate the mind of a creature you can currently see.If the creature has an intelligence score of 14 or less (16 at 17th) they must make an intelligence save. On a fail the creature will follow a single command of 10 words or less to the letter. If the command would directly cause them harm this effect ends. Once they have completed said task, they instantly know that they were mind controlled by someone, though they do not know it was you in particular.If they succeed they are immune to this effect for 24 hours.You can choose to spend additional ki points equal to your proficiency bonus to either influence an additional creature per point or have an extra word to your command per point spent. Any creatures you target with this must be able to hear you say the command in order to be affected.

Force Mastery[edit]

At 17th level, you have become a master at manipulating the force, and have learned how to become one with it in order to become more powerful temporarily.You now can expend 10 ki points to gain resistance to all damage and any force damage you do ignores resistance and treats immunity as resistance.This lasts for 1 minute.

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