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Some spend their entire lives learning how to move through the shadows or use their fists as weapons deadlier than steal; some monks, however, took inspiration from animals in the natural world and applied said inspiration in their practice of martial arts. These beasts are the Crane, the Dragon, the Leopard, the Serpent, and the Tiger.

Bestial Form
Your time studying the movements of animals has allowed you to incorporate certain aspects into your practice of martial arts.

Starting at 3rd level, you have proficiency with Animal Handling and Nature and may add double your proficiency modifier to any roll regarding them. Additionally, you can spend two Ki Points to enter a special Stance for up to 1 Minute. You start off knowing only 2 stances and you gain the use of one additional stance at 6th, 9th, and 11th level. You can only have one stance active at a time, and you can use a bonus action to switch between the stance that you can use spending only 1 Ki. You can end your stance early as a free action. You can not concentrate on spells while in a stance. Each stance grants specific benefits such as improved mobility, empowered offense, phenomenal defense, debilitating attacks, and enhanced range.

  • Crane: When you are targeted by a melee attack, you may use your reaction to instead redirect the attack to an adjacent creature. Opportunity attacks also have disadvantage against you.
  • Dragon: You gain temporary Hit Points equal to your Constitution modifier at the start of your turn.
  • Leopard: When you hit a creature with an Unarmed Strike, the creature you hit gains disadvantage on its next attack roll or saving throw.
  • Serpent: Your attacks gain the Reach property and can deal Slashing or Piercing damage instead of Bludgeoning as long as it's an Unarmed strike.
  • Tiger: You may treat your Strength score as equal to your Dexterity score and can take the Shove or Grapple action as a bonus action.
Improved Stance

You move with the speed of a Snake, the grace of a Crane, the mythical power of a Dragon, the patience of a Leopard, or the ferocity of a Tiger. Your dedication to learning from the world around you has allowed to tap further into an animal's power. Choose the option for whichever animal that you chose for the Bestial Form feature. At 6th level, you have learned a new Stance and new ways to adapt the movements of the beasts to gain added benefits.

  • Crane: You gain +10 Movement Speed. While Dashing, you also gain a flying speed equal to your total movement Speed. You plummet at the end of your turn if you are unable to remain in the air.
  • Leopard: You Gain a +1 to AC and have resistance to non-magical Piercing, Slashing and Bludgeoning Damage until the start of your next turn so long as you moved less than half your total movement speed.
  • Dragon: A creature hit with an Unarmed Strike has its movement speed reduced by 10 feet until the start of your next turn. If struck with a blow from Flurry of Blows, it cannot take a Reaction until the End of your next turn.
  • Serpent: When an attack you make as part of the Attack action or Flurry of Blows hits, you may force your opponent to make a Strength or Dexterity saving throw or else drop an object it is holding.
  • Tiger: While in this stance, you deal extra damage equal to your Martial Arts die so long as it is an Unarmed Strike. For example, if your Martial arts die is 1d6 you instead deal 2d6 damage.
Animal Connection

At 11th level, your spirit is more closely bonded with the animal you have chosen. Choose the option for whichever animal that you chose for the Bestial Form feature.

  • Crane: You can spend 1 ki point to gain a flight speed of 30ft until the end of your next turn.
  • Dragon: You can spend 5 ki points and cast fireball at 5th level. You can only do this once per short or long rest.
  • Leopard: You gain expertise in all perception and insight checks.
  • Serpent: When you make an unarmed attack. You can expend 3 ki points to attempt to poison a target. CON save against your Ki save DC.
  • Tiger: You gain an additional 10ft of movement and your martial arts die is doubled. For example, 1d6 instead becomes 2d6.
Animal Spirit Mastery

At 17th level, you fully connect your spirit with your chosen animal, gaining special abilities. Choose the option for whichever animal that you chose for the Bestial Form feature.

  • Crane: You can stand on liquids and vertical surfaces without having to move for one minute.
  • Dragon: You gain the spellcasting trait as though you were a 5th-level sorcerer. Whenever you gain a monk level, you gain spells and spell slots as though you were gaining sorcerer levels.
  • Leopard: As an action, you can spend 5 ki points to make up to two people (including yourself) invisible for one minute.
  • Serpent: Your unarmoured defense feature includes twice your Dexterity modifier instead of your Dexterity.
  • Tiger: You gain an additional attack action as long as you are unarmed.

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