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Way of the Electro-Combatant[edit]

Monk Subclass

The Electro Combatant has been told to have been a holy gift among men. although to them alone do they understand there power and the great sacrifices that come with it. Some say they were born from a freak accident when their mother was struck by lightning, others say it came from a monk whom was able to move so quickly he could mimic and control the energy around him. Even the electro monks do not completely understand there true power, staying humble to the gods as if it were gift.


When taking this sublcass at 3rd level, you are able to harness the power of Electro allowing you to have quicker reflexes than most others, you gain a +2 on initiative and there maximum dex goes up to 22.

Sparking Strike

At 3rd level, and at the cost of two ki points, the monk has the effects of haste for a round per 3 monk levels.

Conductive Current

At 6th level, and at the cost of 1 ki point, in place of an unarmed strike the user is able to send a powerful downwards current into a single enemy's body causing them to take 2d6+dex damage. at later lvls this will go us as well as the amount of ki you would want to use for it, becoming 4d6+dex at lvl 11 using 2 ki, 6d6 at lvl14 using 3 ki, and 8d6 at lvl 17.

Sulong Form

The 'Sulong' form is a technique rarely achieved by even the strongest Monk warriors and takes years of studious training to master. You have learned to harness the power of the full moon. At 11th level, Once per long rest, you are capable of transforming into your 'Sulong' form. You gain the temporary ability of wild shape, using 4 ki points you transform into a lightning elemental as a bonus action. this lasts for 3 rounds per 3 monk levels. although do to the sheer power of the creature the power given is limited or greatened to who uses it.

-your lightning bolt does 8d8 + dex electricity damage plus 2d8 every 3 monk levels.

-your slam attack does 4d8 + dex thunder damage plus 1d8 every 3 monk levels.

-your dex whether lower or higher transfers into what the lightning elementals dex is.

-when someone attacks you with a metal weapon they take 2d6 electric damage + 1d4 every 2 levels

Maximum Voltage

At 17th level, once per long rest, the user is able to output the stored electricity within their body. With a gasp and a full round action, they build up all of there stored energy into themselves to explode in a force never seen to a less experienced monk. when they finish there action they let out a large burst of raw energy to all enemies in a 60ft cone dealing 10d10 damage plus 1d10 per lvl after 17th. all affected by it has spasms for the rest of the round and can not do anything and count as prone. At the end of the encounter, the monk takes a point of exhaustion. if the monk kills or incapacitates all he affected he gains back 2 ki points.

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