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Design Note: Not recommended to take this style if your monk is strength-focused.

Way of the Drunken Fist[edit]

"If I was a just a drunk old man...this would be much more embarrassing..." -Wang of the Drunken Fist

The drunken fist is not a fighting style but a combat sense. A complex dance of deception, redirection, movement and controlled strikes.

Stumbling Fool

No one suspects the doddering old fool Gain proficiency in deception, if you already have proficiency gain expertise.

Drunken Stupor

By using your Ki to loosen your muscles and relax yourself you become a much trickier opponent to fight.

To enter a Drunken Stupor, you may one of three options

Spend 2 Ki to enter a drunken stupor as a bonus action. Drink 1 bottle of alcohol in one turn as your action. Spend 1 minute meditating.

Upon entering a drunken stupor your movement is now halved, you may dodge as a bonus action. You also no longer have disadvantage when attacking prone. This effect ends after a minute.

While in a drunken stupor you gain access to these Ki techniques

Venom Strike- Spend 2 Ki points when an attack misses you and the attacker is within 5 ft. Make an unarmed strike against them adding your wisdom to your damage and imposing disadvantage on them for 1d4 turns

Crashing Wave- Spend 1 Ki point and make a grapple check using wisdom instead of strength. If you succeed you grip your opponent and fall to the ground with them becoming prone.

Tumbling Monkey- Spend 1 Ki and make unarmed strike. If it hits tumble over the opponent granting advantage on the next attack on that opponent until their next turn.

Shifting Strike- Spend 1 Ki to make an attack roll vs an incoming attack if your roll is higher redirect the attack to an enemy or parry the attack.

Crushing Current

Starting at 6th level you may spend 3 Ki on a successful attack, focusing all your energy into on well placed strike make an attack roll to strike. After striking make another attack roll against the Crushing DC.

Target DC Effect
Throat 15 Mute 1d4 rounds
Arm 13 Ripple Ki through their muscles, Disable arm for 1d4 rounds, granting disadvantage on all attack rolls with that arm.
Leg 13 Ripple Ki through their muscles Disable leg for 1d4 rounds, Halving movement speed and granting disadvantage on checks regarding legs
Liver 15 Send Ki ripples through their liver causing them to collapse. knock prone for 1d4 rounds.
knuckle 15 Slam into a pressure point and pulse Ki inside their hand, tensing the muscles. Target Drops their weapon and their
hand becomes paralyzed until they receive healing.
Heart 23 Perform a series of small strikes in quick succession on their chest, filling it with Ki, finally slamming your palm or fist into their heart forcing their arteries closed. Target makes a death save, if failed the target dies. If they succeed they are stunned for 1 turn. Can only be attempted on Critical Hit.
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Starting at 11th level If you are below half health, no friendly creatures are within 15 feet of you and you are in a drunken stupor you may gain 1d4 Ki points once per short rest.

The Drunken Master

Upon reaching 17th level you have long since mastered the drunken style. You can now enter a Drunken stupor at will and all enemies have disadvantage when striking you while you are in this state. Along with this you have advantage when attacking prone and may add wisdom to all damage and attack rolls along with dexterity when in a drunken stupor.

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