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Way of the Dragon Slayer[edit]

Monk Subclass

Dragon slayer monks follow a tradition that teaches them to endure the element of a certain dragon, to absorb the element of their dragon to increase their own strength. Reasons that a monk may have for taking this tradition can vary. Maybe a dragon destroyed their home town, and they wish to avenge their friends and their family. Maybe they see defeating a dragon as a challenge they must overcome to prove themselves. By tradition, Dragon Slayer Monks will often place a tattoo somewhere on their body to symbolize which dragon they oppose. As they gain skill in this tradition, the monks also notice changes in themselves, such as extended canines, slited pupils, or even faint, scale-like markings on their skin.

Dragon Path

Starting with this tradition at 3rd level, you choose which dragon you wish to encompass. The damage type associated with each dragon is used by features you gain later.

Dragon Damage Type
Blue Lightning
Black Acid
Brass Fire
Bronze Lightning
Copper Acid
Gold Fire
Green Poison
Red Fire
Silver Cold
White Cold

You can also speak, read, and write Draconic.

Mock Scales

By exposing your body to the element of your dragon path, you have found a way to use ki to adapt to it. At 3rd level, you gain resistance to the damage type of your dragon path. In addition, if you are hit with that damage type, you can use a reaction to spend 2 ki points to absorb the damage and receive temporary hit points equal to half the damage you would have taken and the next melee attack you hit deals an extra 1d6 of your chosen damage type. This upgrades to 2d6 at 6th level, 3d6 at 11th level, and 4d6 at 17th level At your 11th level, you may choose to add this damage onto your draconic roar.

Elemental Strike

At 6th level, when you make an unarmed strike you can spend 2 ki point to add on another martial arts die that deals the damage type you chose

Draconic Roar

At 11th level, you have trained to use your ki to replicate a dragon’s breath weapon. As an action, you can spend 2 ki points to deal 4d6 of the damage type you chose (refer to dragonborn breath weapon table for range and saving throws). This can be used repeatedly, but you must expend one extra ki point each time you use it (3 for the second use, 4 for the third use and so on). This resets after a long rest.

Dragon's Bane

At 17th level, you gain immunity to your damage type and gain an advantage on saving throws against a dragon’s frightful presence and a draconic sorcerer’s draconic presence. In addition, any time you attack with your damage type it ignores resistance and treats immunity as resistance.

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