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Way of the Brush[edit]

(Inspired by Okami Amaterasu! Beautiful game and it astounds me someone hasn't made this yet.)

Monks that follow the Way of the Brush monastic tradition train to master their brushwork. They master the art of interpreting Ki through simple pieces of art and learn to harness tell world through ink. After studying masterful brush techniques, a novice can just begin to impact their surroundings and a powerful monk can bend the world around them.

Art of Expression

A way of the Brush monk knows how to paint not with realism in mind, but with how they express the idea they intend to show. At level 3 when you choose this monastic tradition, you can draw simple ideas on paper and express them in the world around you. You may choose any technique on the list below to draw and expend 2 Ki points.

Flow: Drawing a symbol for soft wind, flowing water, or dancing fire, you can make any of these three elements move to your will. This is not the equivalent of kinetic powers, per say, as you can only manipulate it with the intent symbol you drew. If an enemy is attacked with fire, they take 1d6 fire damage.

Recreation: (Yes this is a direct rip from Okami, but it's a useful ability! All credit to them, if that wasn't obvious before, for these ideas) you can recreate what was once lost or broken, to some extent. Common materials and weapons are all that you can recreate, but as you progress in your training you can recreate more. At level 8 you can recreate uncommon magical items, level 14 artifacts, and 18 anything the DM will allow. Remember, the technique can only recreate broken or lost items, not create anything out of thin air.

Light: While surrounded by darkness, you can attempt to draw a symbol of solace and brighten the room. Your symbol acts as bright light for a 10ft radius and additional dim light for a 30ft radius beyond that.

Minor Explosion:(Yet another direct rip from Okami, credit to game creators! It's just such a good game. And the fangirling ensues.) You can create a small explosion with a drawn symbol within 60 feet of you. This explosion has a 5 by 5 radius and deals 1d8 force damage to all those it hits. The explosions DC saving throw is equal to 8 + Proficiency modifier +Wisdom modifier.

Breath of Life

At level 6 you can bring life to the world around you. With the expense of 3 Ki points, you can cast the Plant growth spell or the Regenerate spell. At level 10, you can also cast the Reincarnation spell.

Storm Creation

At level 11 you can harness the energy of the atmosphere in your brush. You can draw a symbol to represent a furious blizzard, casting the Blizzard spell, or make it rain heavily. At level 18, you may also cast the Storm of Vengeance spell. This ability is restored with a long rest.

Flow of Ink

At level 17, a Way of the Brush monk can harness their Ki through the very ink they use. Without needing paper, you gain Melanokinesis (The ability to manipulate Ink) and can draw almost instantly on any surface. You can use the ink to attack directly, dealing 2d10 damage (You can use 1 Ki point to add an additional d10 to this attack), or draw on the world around you. As well as this, you can spend 2 ki points to create a living drawing (Having HP equal to 3/4 your health and dealing 3d6 force damage with attacks. You can use a Ki point to add an additional d6 to it's attack power in creation). You can create 3 of these creatures before replenishing this ability with a long rest.

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