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Way of the Brawler[edit]

The path to perfection can take a monk in countless directions. Some become one with the shadows, others tame the elements, and some choose to master their connection to the ki of others. These monks, however, seek perfection through indomitable might and desire the fame and glory that comes with. These monks use their mastery over ki to bolster their natural fortitude and break down the defenses of their foes. Some might call them pugilists, brutes, or thugs, but they know what they have chosen to be. They are the Brawlers.

Brawler's Resolve[edit]

Starting at 3rd level, you gain 3 hit points and gain an additional 1 hit point per monk level gained from that point on.

Brawler's Zen[edit]

Also starting at 3rd level, you learn to enter a zen-like state that empowers your martial prowess. By spending 3 ki points as a bonus action, you may enter a state of "Brawler's Zen". For 1 minute after using this feature, you may add your proficiency bonus to the damage rolls of your unarmed strikes.

Roll With the Punches[edit]

Beginning at 6th level, your understanding of violence grants you a greater degree of natural defense. At the beginning of your turn while you are in the "Brawler's Zen" state, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Wisdom modifier. (Minimum 1) These temporary hit points last until the beginning of your next turn, at which point, these temporary hit points are reset to equal your Wisdom modifier. These temporary hit points do stack with temporary hit points from other sources.

Iron Jaw[edit]

Starting at 11th level, as a reaction to taking damage from any source, you may spend 3 ki points to reduce that damage by a value equal to your monk level.

Champion Brawler[edit]

Starting at 17th level, when you roll initiative, you may choose to enter your "Brawler's Zen" at the cost of no ki points and no action cost. Once you have used this feature, you may not do so again until you complete a long rest.

In addition regardless of if you are in a state of "Brawler's Zen" or not, when you use your action to make an unarmed attack, you may now attack 3 times rather than twice.

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