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The Bladeless Sword[edit]

Ki practitioners are capable of many miracles, from using this magical energy to heal grave wounds, to committing feats with their bodies that are impossible otherwise, but those who chose the path of darkness form techniques known as Forbidden Arts. Due to their dangerous and powerful nature, these skills are usually kept secret and otherwise banned to outsiders from abusing them. One of the many Forbidden Arts whose methods are based on a specific weapon and element, an ancient sword known as the Katana and Air, wielders of this technique are renown to finish fights in a blink of an eye. With a blinding flash of steel as they brandish and immediately sheathe their blade, they strike with such force and swiftness that it appears as though the very air that produces from the motion becomes an extension of their weapon. Able to spill the blood of opponents at a distance, this is known as the Bladeless Sword While needing to use the proper technique holds great importance, the other half of the technique comes from the user's control and understanding of Ki. Those who choose this path train rigorously develop their skills in three different forms, creating a foundation through way of Ki, using it to forge a close bond with the element of Air, and then finally using this link as a foundation for their unique style with the Katana, blending them all into one graceful yet deadly Art-form channeled through the body through breathing techniques, infusing the oxygen with one's ki, creating a vortex of gale in one's self, empowering their mind and body.

Steel Tempest[edit]

"Fundamentals are the core of mastering any technique."

At 3rd level, when you choose this Monastic Tradition, you adopt the unique stance of Steel Tempest whereby you assume a combat stance revolving around your weapon being sheathed for attacking and defending.

While practitioners may appear vulnerable to the untrained eye, they are actually seeking for an opening in the opponent's defense. When they move to strike, users are using the arc of these specially crafted Katana to produce condensed force, similar to the nature of spring, push against the edge of the weapon when they initiate. Upon drawing the blade, they immediately brandish all of the built-up force alongside their weapon to unleash a deadly strike, then replacing the blade and returning to the first position, all in one fluid and blinding movement.

This rapid motion serves as the basis for all future sword techniques in the 'Bladeless Sword' style.

  • With this technique, being attacked while having your weapon sheathed will not trigger a disadvantage so long as you are not surprised.

"Much like how a musician conveys their Soul through music, the Katana is the instrument in which our soul resides. Wielding these sacred weapons, they will cut us a path in the world. We merely need to follow it."

From this point, you must form a bond with a Katana, giving it a sacred name and performing a special ritual of meditation over the course of 1 hour, which can be done during a short rest. The weapon must be within your reach throughout the ritual, at the conclusion of which you touch the weapon and form the bond, muttering the name you have chosen.

  • When you are on the same plane as this bonded weapon, you may call it and it will be transported into your reach the following turn by the gale.
  • While your katana is sheathed it is passively creating wind pressure within the sheath, which can build up after 5 turns. This can be used to propel your blade from your sheath to strike an enemy within 15 feet of you as an attack for 2d10 slashing damage and will increase by 1d10 at levels 5,8,11,17, and 20.
  • Your affinity with the gale has made you weigh considerably less, able to jump 25 feet into the air, which increases by 5 every level, and decrease all fall damage by 50%, have the ability to sprint across walls, as well as water, and even 'blink' behind an opponent (5 times before a short rest is initiated)
  • This bonded Katana is now considered a Monk Weapon.

Your movements are aided by the Wind because of your establishing link with the Element of Air. When you enter combat, you may automatically adopt this stance and will continue using it unless forced not to. While this stance remains active;

  • Any melee attacks made by your weapon has double the range.
  • You gain the Tunnel Fighter Fighting Style for free
  • You may use 2 ki points to invoke your link with the element of Air and empower your body with rushing Ki. For your current turn, you can jump four times your regular height, and any attacks you make cause your weapon to reach twice the distance and will ignore any physical resistances of your target. This extra distance is tripled at level 6, quadrupled at level 11 and will also now ignore magical resistances, and finally quintupled at level 16.

Gathering Storm[edit]

"A focused mind is sharper than any blade."

Starting at level 6, you have now overcome many perils and gathered much knowledge from your adventures. Your mind has grown more keen from your experiences and is able to remain focused and concentrated regardless of the situation or danger. Also, from your daily practice in this art, you grow a stronger connection to the Wind and are now able to read any movements in the air around you in 30 ft. radius.

  • Because of this, you are unable to be surprised and gain 30 ft Blindsight

If you further take a moment to concentrate, you will be able to detect how many creatures there are around you and in which direction they are currently residing. This radius is increased at level 11 to 90 ft. and you learn to sense even deeper movements, now capable of pinpointing their location within this radius.

When you acquire this feature, Steel Tempest gains extra effects.

  • With your connection to the element of Air growing, as with your control over Ki, the wind around reacts to help protect you. When wielding your bonded Katana you gain + 2 bonus to your AC. In addition, you may spend 1 ki point to envelop the blade of your bonded Katana in a concentrated wind-based ki layer, while this is active you add half of your proficiency bonus to each damage roll caused by the weapon and your weapon will ignore all resistances for 1 minute.
  • You may spend 2 ki points in order to empower your body with Ki as well as strengthen the flow of wind around you. For the rest of your current turn, all enemies are unable to make attacks of opportunity on you despite going in and out of their reach and you can move through spaces occupied by others. You also gain one extra bonus action and reaction.
  • With your constant developing of this technique, your sword motions are improved. You may attack three times during your attack action. These extra attacks stack with any you gain from the normal Monk Class Features.
  • Your natural jump distance is now doubled and you may make a Long Jump moving only a quarter of the distance required.

Last Breath[edit]

"Even the strongest wind eventually dies."

At level 11, your power over Ki and your link with Air reaches another notable point.

Through your devoted meditation and training, your body has become so attuned to Air that you gain new traits.

  • Your body passively creates and absorbs Air, eliminating your need to physically breathe.
  • All of the Air residing in your body causes you to weigh considerably less, giving you the trait of Guided by the Wind. Because of your gliding, wind-like movement, your steps no longer produce sound. You may also spend 1 ki point to gain a flight speed of equal to your movement speed for 1 minute.

You have also developed a deadly skill with your highly attuned body; Relentless Decent.

  • After using all of your attacks against a single creature, you may spend 4 ki points to make one extra attack, if the attack hits, you blast your foe with a powerful gust of wind and launch them upwards into the air. The height this sends them up is equal to 5 times your dexterity + wisdom modifiers.

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