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Way of Antimagic[edit]

Monk Subclass

For many, a monk's Ki is like a flow of magic, granting them supernatural abilities, and even spells, but for some monks, the opposite is true. While their Ki still grants them supernatural abilities, when it comes across actual magic, they cancel each other out. Monks of the Way of the Antimage hone this trait, and develop their skills to turn them into the worst nightmare for those who rely on magic.

Antimagic Ki

When you choose the tradition at 3rd level, the Ki flowing through your body is attuned against the flow of magic. While this gives you great power against those who wield it, it makes it nigh impossible for you to wield it yourself. Attuning to a magic item requires a Long rest, instead of a Short rest, and if you attempt to cast a spell, you lose all of your ki points and cannot regain ki points or use features granted by this subclass until you finish a long rest.

Antimagic Training

Your relentless training to control your unusual ki and fight spellcasters grants you proficiency in the Arcana skill as well as the following benefits at 3rd level:

  • Antimagic Force: If a creature you can see within 60 feet casts a spell or uses an ability that creates a magical effect, you can channel your ki to create an attractive or repulsive force. As a reaction, you can spend 1 ki point to be either pulled 20ft. towards, or pushed 10ft. away from that creature, and if the creature is Huge or smaller, it is also moved the same way towards you unless it succeeds in a Strength saving throw. This movement doesn't trigger opportunity attacks.
  • Winding Strike: When you make an unarmed strike as part of your Flurry of Blows feature, you can stop the attack short and hit the creature with a shockwave. Instead of making an attack roll, the creature must make a Constitution saving throw. If they fail the save, they take 2d4 damage and are winded until the end of your next turn, rendering them unable to speak or perform verbal components for spells. If they succeed they take half the damage and are not winded. The damage die changes as you gain monk levels, as shown in the Martial Arts column of the Monk table.
  • Ki Sight: You can spend 2 ki points as an action to cast Detect Magic without expending a spell slot. (This is unaffected by your Antimagic Ki)
Antimagic Backlash

Starting from 6th level, when you succeed in a saving throw against a spell or effect, you can spend 2 or more ki points up to your Wisdom modifier (minimum 1) as a reaction to exploit magical pathways and deliver a devastating blast of antimagic ki to the source. The creature that cast the spell or created the effect takes 2d6 force damage for each ki point your spent, or half as much if they succeed on a saving throw of the same type you made against the spell or effect against your Ki Save DC.

Deflect Spells

At 11th level, your Deflect Missiles feature is improved, allowing you to use the feature against ranged spell attacks as well, using your Wisdom modifier in place of your Dexterity modifier. If the attack was part of an action that makes multiple ranged spell attacks, you can spend 2 ki point to also reduce any further attacks that hit you by an amount equal your Wisdom modifier.

When you reduce the damage of a spell attack to 0 this way, you suffer none of the attack's effects, and you can spend 1 or more ki points up to your Wisdom modifier (minimum 1) to redirect the attack. To do so, make a ranged spell attack as part of the same reaction against a creature you can see within 30 feet. Your are proficient in this attack and add your Wisdom modifier to the attack roll. If this attack hits, it deals 1d8 damage for each ki point you spent of the same type as the original spell attack.

Anti-Magic Aura

Starting from 17th level, your anti-magic ki is so strong that it sometimes overflows. You can use Ki Sight without spending ki points or using an action. Additionally, as an action, you can spend 8 ki points to cause your ki to spill out around you, gaining the benefits of Antimagic Field for 1 minute, or until you lose concentration.

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