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Way of the Aldur[edit]

Monk Monastic Tradition "These are feared warriors and soldiers. These people are adapt at taking down evil"

Mutation: Level 3

One of your arms becomes rocky and is held by molten lava. You gain +1 Strength and your alignment becomes lawful (no magic can change this)

Contractor: Level 3

You can spend 1 ki point to cast Molten punch and Fire bolt. You can use 2 ki points to use Molten Shield.

Protect Self: Level 6

After every 3 attacks your defense strengthens and you gain +2 AC for 2 rounds, can use 3 times a day, short rest to regain. At this level you can cast the spell Fate Chaser for 4 Ki Points

Destroy Evil: Level 11

You can choose to destroy one Chaotic Evil, or Evil creature that is under challenge 3.

Aldur Form: Level 17 You can spend 4 ki points to transform into your Aldur self for 2 hours. During this time you can use Molten Punch at will and every creature in a 30ft radius has to roll a a DC18 wisdom check or be afraid of you for 24 hours, a person who succeeds on this check is immune to it for 48 hours.

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