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Way of the Elementalist (Air)[edit]

A robed halfling performs circular motions and generates a small whirlwind, throwing an orcish battalion around like they were ragdolls.

An elf sends a quick punch through the air, where a compressed missile of air is sent to topple a archer from his perch.

A human jumps from the ledge as wargs close in around her. However, she rockets across the chasm instead of falling, as if it was pushing her upward

An Air Elementalist is a Monk who feels truly connected to the freedom that the wind provides. Using their movements to generate energy, these monks extend their Ki from their body and manipulate the air around them, creating and manipulating air currents.

One With the Breeze

At 3rd level you have learned how to use your movements to affect the air around you. You may do any of the following:

  • Use your Patient Defense ability without spending Ki.
  • Cast the Gust cantrip or spend 2 Ki to cast the Gust of Wind Spell.
  • When you make an Unarmed Strike you can decide to generate a blast of compressed air instead as a ranged attack. These blasts have a range of 30 feet, are magical, and deal bludgeoning damage equal to your Martial Arts Damage. If you hit with a blast of air, you may expend 1 Ki to force the target to make a Strength saving throw or be pushed 10 feet away and knocked prone.
Light Step

At 6th level you have learned to use the winds to assist all your movements. Your Slow Fall ability now negates all falling damage and allows you to glide 5 feet Horizontally for every 5 feet you fall. In addition, you can now cast either the Jump or Longstrider spells for 1 Ki point and can use Dexterity in place of Strength when calculating jump distances as the winds aid in your movement.

Unyielding Force

At 11th level you have learned how to manipulate the air currents around you with great power. As an action you cause gale force winds to spring to life within 120 feet of you. The winds can be up to 30 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 10 feet tall, and disperse at the start of your next turn. Any creature (other than you) in that area when used ,or enters this area ,or starts its turn there in must succeed on a Dexterity Saving Throw or suffer 1d8 bludgeoning damage and be knocked prone. These winds extinguish all unprotected flames in the area. You can spend up to 3 Ki points to heighten the damage of these winds by 1d8 for every Ki point spent.

Mastery of Wind

When you reach 17th level you have learned how to become one with the air currents all around you. By spending 5 Ki points you may cast the Investiture of Wind spell or the Misty Step Spell. Once you do so you cannot use this feature again until you finish a long rest.

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