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Way of Nentō-Kūsho[edit]


Monk Subclass

The mild mannered woman in the corner of the tavern is approached by a group intoxicated thugs. A hand purposefully misplaced here, or verbal harassment there and the atmosphere drops cold. Like the flip of a switch, her eyes go hazy and her mind blank - issued a self-directive, she remains in a state of unsettling calm as she weaves around the man effortlessly. The man strikes in a flustering anxiety, she grabs his arm and breaks it. The man screams out in pain, running in a state of fear from the frail woman he had just recently tried to press into a corner. The woman, noticing the man had left and her task completed, remains to her seat without a word. Suddenly she's back in the room, cheering and partying like nothing had happened. She looks around the bar draped in an eerie silence, completely oblivious to the events that had just transpired.


You learn that it's best to tackle problems one at a time, picking away at a specific target until it breaks. You are able to cast the Hunters Mark spell at will without needing concentration. You are able to use the Hunters Mark spell on a number of creatures equal to a quarter of your level, rounded up.

Mind Down

As an action, you are able to enter the 'Mind Down' state. At 3rd level, you gain the ability to put yourself under self-hypnosis in order to gain the most efficient result. While in the 'Mind Down' state, you are unable to assist allies in any way other than for the purposes of combat. Whenever you wish to attempt to apply an ointment or potion to an ally, do a medicine check, or help a downed ally you must do an intelligence check to a DC of 13. On a success, you snap out of the 'Mind Down' state. On a failure, you move to complete your directive.

Activating the Mind Down state requires an action, and consumes 2 ki points. While in this state, you gain the following benefits;

-You're quick on the draw, you gain an additional 10ft of movement speed.

-Your senses have been heightened, cutting out all irrelevant thoughts and emotions that aren't related to fulfilling your task. As a reaction, you are capable of making an unarmed attack against the creature targeting you if it currently marked by a Hunters Mark.

-You have advantage on dexterity saving throws.

-You have advantage on attacks against any creature that has been targeted by the Hunters Mark spell.

-You do not take opportunity attacks from any creatures you have targeted with Hunters Mark.

-You have advantage on saving throws against mind-altering effects, such as being frightened or charmed.

You also gain the following consequential effects;

-Your way of thinking is blunt, and very specific. You follow your directive to a T, you are unable to attack creatures that you haven't targeted with the Hunters Mark. Additionally, you are compelled to move in and attack your targets.

-To sharpen your senses, you dull your mind. You gain disadvantaged on Intelligence checks.

-All decisions you make are based on practicality, rather than morality. (optional)

-You can only snap out of the 'Mind Down' state once your directive has been completed successfully. If you wish to end the state pre-emptively, you must succeed on a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw. On a success, you snap out of the state and return to normal. On a failure, you remain in the state.


Your mastery of your own mental and emotional state allows you to cut out the sensation of pain. At 6th level, when you target a creature with Hunters Mark, you are prepared for the pain it will dish out and gain resistance to all attacks from that creature for the duration while in the 'Mind Down' state.

Unsettling Presence

When entering the 'Mind Down' state, your calmness of mind in even the most perilous of situations is visibly unsettling to the people around you. At 11th level, all enemy creatures that have an intelligence of 5 or more within a 20ft sphere of you must make a DC 12 Wisdom saving throw, or be frightened of you for 1 minute. They may repeat this saving throw at the end of their turn. On a success, they are no longer frightened. Once a creature has been under the influence of this effect, they have advantage on all saving throws against being frightened by this effect in the future.

Target Acquired

You've become adept at hunting creatures like livestock subconsciously, and that expertise shows. At 17th level, whenever you tag a creature with a Hunters Mark, they must do a Wisdom saving throw to a DC of 14. If they fail, they become frightened of you for 1 minute. They may repeat this saving throw at the start of each of their turns. While attacking an enemy who is frightened, the damage from your Hunters Mark is doubled. Additionally, you can use a bonus action to use the Hunters Mark spell a number of times up to a maximum of 1/4 of your level for 1 ki point per Hunters Mark cast.

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