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Way of Iron[edit]

An Orc stands at the city gate, a massive structure shadowing even him. He drops into a low stance and with a single strike causes cracks to spider up the wall until nothing stands between the orc and the civilians behind. A halfling stares down the charging minotaur, unphased and unwavering, from its glistening, gory horns to its immense body. He shifts his weight slightly, and stops the minotaur in its tracks, the unused momentum sending it into a flip over the halfling and off the side of the cliff. A human stands bound and trapped in a metal cage made of iron bars six inches thick. When the guards return, the only thing they can find is mangled shackles, a hole bent in the cage bars, and a 6-foot hole in the back wall.

Strike Through Earth

You have learned to channel your energy to bring down anything your enemy hides behind. At 3rd level, you deal double damage to objects ands structures with your unarmed strikes. You may spend 1 ki point as a bonus action to gain one of the following effects, which lasts for 1 minute :

  • Iron Resist: you gain resistance to piercing, slashing, and bludgeoning damage
  • Iron Defence: add 2 to your AC
  • Iron Strength: when you use this ability, you're considered one size larger when calculating how much weight you are able to push, drag, or lift. Also, you gain advantage on grapple checks.

Mountain Stance

You harness your energy to become as sturdy as a mountain. At 6th level, you may spend 2 ki points as a bonus action to enter the Mountain Stance. You may choose one of the following effects, which lasts for one minute:

  • Mountain Building Thick: you gain +3 to your AC and gain temporary HP equalling your Monk level.
  • Mountain Standing Firm: You are unable to be moved by any creature 1 size larger than your current size or smaller.
  • Mountain Piercing Earth: Your unarmed strikes are more powerful. You deal an additional 3 damage with unarmed strikes.
  • Mountain Facing Storm: You Become Immune To Fear, Charm, Confusion, And Madness effects.

This effect increases to 5 minutes at 9th level, 10 minutes at 12th level, 15 minutes at 15th level, and 20 minutes at 18th level.

Iron Pierces Swiftly

You channel your ki into a short period of activity. At 11th level, lasting for 1 minute, as a bonus action you may spend 3 ki points to (choose one) :

  • You have advantage on all Strength/Dexterity saving throws


  • You have advantage on all Wisdom/Constitution saving throws

Mithril Body

You have learned to Channel stone and metal into your physical ability. At 17th level, you gain the following abilities:

  • When using Mountain Stance, in the same bonus action, you may select any number of abilities for 1 ki each after the first one to also activate.
  • The ki cost for Iron Pierces Swiftly now costs 2 ki and there is no ki cost for Strike Through Earth.


  • Become resistant to all damage while under the effects of Mountain Stance and become immune to all nonmagical weapons.
  • During Iron Pierces Swiftly, all creatures are considered objects for the use of your Strike Through Earth.

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