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Way of Erratic Destruction[edit]

Monk Subclass

Some critique other traditions for being set in their ways, unable to adapt to adjusting situations where their abilities no longer prove as useful. It is no surprise the acolytes of the Way of Erratic Destruction make up a fair part of these critics. As part of their training, they openly beckon chaotic energies into their soul, empowering their fists with ever changing forms of energy. However, they almost have absolutely no control over this power, but this is the crux of their training. They are forced to constantly adapt to their new situation, leaving them as some of the most tactically minded out there.

Manifest Energy

When you choose this tradition at 3rd level and after every long rest, roll a d10 and then consult the table below. Until you take another long rest, you gain resistance to that damage type, and when you make an unarmed strike or monk weapon attack, you can replace the damage dealt with this type.

1d10 Damage Type
1 Acid
2 Cold
3 Fire
4 Force
5 Lightning
6 Necrotic
7 Poison
8 Psychic
9 Radiant
10 Thunder
Failing Forward

Starting at 6th level, whenever you fail a saving throw, the next time you make a saving throw for the same ability score within the next minute, you have advantage on that save.

Manifest Changes

Beginning at 11th level, as a bonus action, you can spend 3 ki points to reroll the damage type from Manifest Energy.

Erratic Energy Burst

You have now learned to fully harness the chaotic energy, and project it as powerful blasts. At 17th level, you may take an action, and spend 4 ki points. Roll 1d4, and consult the table below. The targets of this must make a Dexterity saving throw or take 6d10 damage, of your current Manifest Energy type. After doing this, you must immediately reroll the damage type.

1d4 Range
1 Everyone within 30 feet of you.
2 Choose up to 5 targets within 60 feet of you.
3 A 30 foot cone, with you as the origin.
4 Choose between results 1, 2, and 3.

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