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Way of Dueling[edit]

Dwarven Monk Unleashes the Iron Butterfly kick, by Matt Forsyth https://www.deviantart.com/mattforsyth

Monk Subclass

For generations upon generations, we have strove for perfection. We have fought many foes and battled many worthy foes. The Way of Dueling specializes in honing your combat abilities to their absolute limit. You hone your skills in training to fight your greatest opponent, your greatest mentors, your greatest rivals, your fellow humanoids. While your abilities aren’t limited to just humanoids they do help specialize in fighting humanoids. Your fellow man are your best mentors, they will teach you the most, they will help you hone your body. You will learn how to best fight someone one on one, by fighting people in duels you will learn more than you ever could have normally, to learn and advance your fighting ability is the ultimate goal of the duelist. Your fellow man are your best tutors the best to fight and learn from, make good use of them.

Master of your Craft

Starting at 3rd level, if there are no allied creatures within 20 feet of you, your unarmed attacks deal extra damage equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Lord of the Duel

When you reach 6th level you learn how to focus your entire being into combating a single opponent. You will not be outmatched in a duel. At the start of your turn, you can spend two ki points, and choose one creature within 30 feet. It must make a Charisma saving throw against your Ki Save DC, or be stuck in a duel with you. A creature in a duel has disadvantage on any attack made against the other creature they are not in a duel with. This duel ends if you or the creature drop to 0 hitpoints, if either of you are at least 100 feet from eachother, or if you call it off as an action.

Combat Dishonor

When you reach 11th level, you are bolstered by those who intrude. While in a duel, if you take damage from a creature that is not part of the duel, you add your Wisdom modifier to the damage of your next turn, and you no longer have disadvantage against the creature that damaged you. You can add your Wisdom modifier to your attack multiple times, through this feature.

Demiplane of Battle

Your ki is so powerful, you can create entire planes of reality to enforce these duels. Starting at 17th level, when a creature fails their save against a duel, you can spend an additional 2 ki, forcing them into the demiplane of battle, you following behind them. It is a 60 foot radius circle, where both of you appear on opposite sides. You determine the appearance of this demiplane, but it has no real effect. Both of you are locked in this demiplane until the duel ends, and when it does, you both appear in your original locations.

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