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The Way of Avoidance[edit]

Many traditions sculpt their monks for a specific purpose. The Open Hand seeks to make theirs the peak of martial arts, the Long Death making nigh immortal warriors. The Way of Avoidance seeks to never need to make a warrior, for any of these things. While they are experts in fighting, as all other traditions teach, the methods of this one makes sure their students almost never need to use them, and gives them the skills to cut fights short so that they will continue to not need to.

Their monasteries find home in very secluded places, like deep within mountain ranges, untouched forests, and sometimes other planes of existence. These places are sparsely populated, as the way of avoidance puts a heavier emphasis on isolation than most.

Keeping your Distance

Starting at 3rd level, your training begins to focus on your dodging and avoidance. When you hit a creature with one or more attacks from Flurry of Blows, you can force them to affected by one of the following. You can only do this once per turn.

  • The opponent must succeed in a Strength saving throw against your Ki Save DC or be moved 15 feet away from you.
  • The opponent must succeed in a Dexterity saving throw against your Ki Save DC or be moved 5 feet away from you and knocked prone.
  • The opponent cannot take the Dodge or Disengage actions, and they have disadvantage on all saving throws until the beginning of your next turn.
Simple Throw

Starting at 6th level, whenever an opponent within 1 size of you moves within 5 feet of you, you may use your reaction to throw them. They must make a Strength Saving Throw, or either be moved 15 feet away from you, or 5 feet away from you and knocked prone. You can spend 1 ki point to increase the range they are thrown by 10 feet.

Deflecting Hands

Starting at 11th level, the calculation for your Deflect Missile becomes 2d10 + your monk level + your Dexterity modifier + your proficiency modifier, and it can be used against any attack that targets you, instead of just ranged weapon attacks.

Counter Strike

Starting at 17th level, you start fighting back more. Any time an opponent misses you with an attack, you may spend a ki point to make a single unarmed attack against them. When you do so, you can act as if you have used Flurry of Blows.

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