Watercurrent Ceiling (4e Trap)

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This trap is a more advanced version of the watercurrent wall. It will do more damage, and instead of pushing the target, the target is knocked to the ground and pinned in place by this burst of water. The trap will delay until there's a hero under it, in which case it will attack each turn. This trap can be used together with melee monsters, who will take advantage of the immobilized hero, or when the heroes have to escape a room slowly filling with water. (This trap can ensure that the heroes first have to rescue their ally before escaping.) A dungeoneering check DC 22 is required to realize that there has to be water flowing above the ceiling.

Watercurrent Ceiling
Level 3 Trap
150 XP
Detect: Perception DC 20 to notice the holes in the ceiling, and DC 24 to find the hidden control panel. Initiative: +6
Immune attacks
Standard Actions
Melee.png Attack ♦ At-Will
Attack: Melee 0 (creatures under the trap) + 7 vs Fortitude
Hit: 1d8+4 damage, and the target is immobilized (save ends) and knocked prone
Miss: 1d8 damage, and the target is knocked prone
Disable: Thievery or Dungeoneering DC 20. (must be adjacent to the control panel and aware of its presence)

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