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Warlock Punch [General][edit]

Your character can hit people with amazing force. The punch creates a field of pure malevolence around your fist that is damaging to everything cought in its wake. Your fist is protected from this malevolence but it is harmful to others around you.
Prerequisite: Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike), Power Attack, Falcon Punch, ability to speak Common, ability to speak 2 languages.
Benefit: You can perform Warlock punch Punches.
Normal: You are not incredibly awesome.
Special: A Fighter may select this as one of his Fighter Bonus Feats.

A Warlock Punch is a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity. You start by focusing power in your fist as you say "Raaaaarghaaa..." Then you punch forward with all your might as you yell "Braaaah!!!!". The yelling is essential and you cannot perform a Warlock Punch if you are voiceless (for instance, under the influence of a Silence spell). It is always spoken in multiple languages at once so you must know at least 2 languages. If you take damage from enemy attacks of opportunity while trying to do a Warlock Punch, you must make a DC 5 + X Concentration check (where X is equal to Half the total damage you took from these attacks) or the Warlock Punch is lost and you will have wasted your turn. The Warlock Punch has the following effects:

1.It is treated as a usual unarmed strike, but it deals lethal damage instead of nonlethal damage.

2.Your target takes an additional 20d6 points of Force damage and 12d6 points of Malevolence damage. Your target only takes the Force damage if you succeeded on the attack roll, but always takes the Malevolance damage as long as your Warlock Punch wasn't interrupted by attacks of opportunity or similar effects.

3.Anything and anyone that is adjacent to both you AND your target also takes the Malevolence damage (the same amount as was rolled for the target), regardless of whether you succeeded on the attack roll.

4.Your target is knocked backwards some distance (but only if you succeeded on the attack roll): 60 feet if 2 or more size categories smaller than you, 55 feet if 1 size category under you, 40 feet if the same size as you, 30 feet if 1 size category above you, or 20 if 2 or more size categories above you. Any victim of this effect must also make a DC 25 Reflex save or be rendered prone. If the victim's backward movement is stopped by something, such as a wall, he or she takes an additional 8d6 damage that is treated as falling damage.

5.If your target is pregnant and you succeeded on the attack roll, any embryos/fetuses/eggs must succeed on a DC 20 Fortitude save or be irrevocably destroyed.

6.If you succeded in your attack roll, any creature within 30 ft of you must make a DC 20 Will save or be stunned and fearful by your pure evil by one round.

7. If a creature would be delt lethal damage by t6his attack, they are shown flying up into the air and poofing out of existence.

Falcon Punch has a cooldown time of 1d4 rounds, you must wait that long after a Falcon Punch before you can perform another. For the purposes of adjudicating magic suppressing effects, the punch is treated as a supernatural ability.

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