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Warlock's: The favored weapon of any Warlock.

The Warlock's enchantment can be applied to any bow, crossbow, or one-handed melee weapon. If applied to a ranged weapon, it allows the Warlock to use the Fell Archery Invocation at will. If applied to a melee weapon, it instead allows the Warlock to use Hideous Blow (CAr 134) at will. In addition, it grants the Warlock a +1 profane bonus to all attack rolls involving Eldritch Blast while it is held. This profane bonus improves to +2 if the weapon has at least a +3 enhancement bonus, and to +3 if the weapon has a +5 enhancement bonus.

Weak ;CL 9; Fell Archery (ranged) or Hideous Blow (melee) Invocation, creator must be a Warlock; Cost +2 bonus

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