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Your faction has a deep, conflict-filled history with another faction, causing deep-seated hatred to run between your interactions.
Prerequisite: Must be taken at first level. The character must be of a greater faction, such as a country or order, that has a historical enemy with another greater faction.
Effect: Pick a faction that is historically an enemy of your own. Whenever your character is aware of that factions' presence, whether an individual or a group of individuals, or even a symbol that represents said faction, they must roll a Will Save with a DC of 15 + Character HD, or be compelled to become aggressive towards them (Insults, Provocation, Open Hostility; anything that would potentially incite violence, but the limit is just that; At the character's whim, they can exceed this and attack, regardless.). If the character fails the Will Save by a value greater than his Hit Die, he must attack the target, immediately. Furthermore, you always suffer a -2 penalty to diplomacy, sense motive, and knowledge (history) checks, due to his prejudice toward the selected faction clouding his ability to focus.
Roleplaying Ideas: A citizen of the Indus kingdom, of whom holds a great grudge with its historical enemy, Sol, enters a tavern in Tirasus, only to find a small group of Solean guards there. Immediately, he moves over to their table, and slams his fists down. "Well, Well, Well... If it isn't the dogs of the desert; What a treat." He says, through a gnarled grin. Elsewhere in the city, a Volarean Native seems to turn people away with how often his comments seem to suspect Silverfell of wrong-doing or complicity in any scandal.

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