Wandering Way of Liadis (city) (Sanctuary's Lot Supplement)

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Wandering Way of Liadis[edit]

The City on the lake

A town made entirely of boats, the town reconfigures itself constantly, with huge barges at its nucleus.

The barges are pulled by more sophisticated, (oar-powered) watercraft, with the occasional larger river-tradesman, but the bulk are Lakemen rafts: small, covered boats no larger than a hut. A handful of the largest vessels are built on catamaran type, flat-bottomed hulls.

As the name suggests, the town moves frequently, usually anchoring a few hundred yards from shore.

Wandering Way of Liadis

Region: Ezers Rhaime
Population: Anywhere from 3,800 to well over 7,000 depending on season and traffic.
Government: A council of barge owners and ship captains.
Defense: Hired mercenaries and crews protect individual ships, otherwise the population itself represents a significant (if very disorganized) militia.
Commerce: Basic boating and fishing supplies are readily available. Supporting itself largely on trade, items from throughout the region can usually be purchased without trouble. Exotic goods and services are rare. Inns and similar accommodations are also very expensive, if they can be found at all.
Organizations: Wandering Way of Liadis hosts several small trade companies, all run by extended families from large ships.
Sophyla’s Fortress
By far, the largest catamaran barge, built from four barges, side by side, and end to end. Every exposed inch of its exterior is intricately carved.
Massive, and almost completely unmaneuverable, the ship itself is moved by magic. The boat will slowly follow it creator, Sophyla, wherever she goes (if nothing obstructs it).
When she needs to move the boat, she boards a small vessel and re-boards the fortress when it reaches its destination.
Sophyla's Fortress is very well guarded and well armed. Much of what passes for government in The Wandering Way of Liadis is, debatably, run from this strange craft.
Rum Island
Another a gigantic barge with a catamaran hull, with both hulls resting (and kept afloat) on innumerable tun barrels.
Purchased a generation ago by an affluent lakeman family, the Gerleij, who runs numerous businesses from the ship including: liquor trade, cooperage, gambling, and others.

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