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Wandering Scarecrow[edit]

Constructs from the Fey Wilds, these frightening looking scarecrows have been given a new life...

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'10"-6'5"
Average Weight: 130-160lbs
Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom or Charisma
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-light vision
Languages: Common, Choice of one other
Skill Bonuses: +2 Intimidate, +2 Perception
Mind of Straw: +1 to Will
Living Construct: Does not need to eat, sleep or breath, and does not need to make Endurance checks to resist starvation, thirst or suffocation.
Fey Origins: You are considered a fey creature for effects relating to creature origin.
Sentinel Watcher: Instead of sleeping, Wandering Scarecrows enter a state of inactivity for 4 hours with full awareness of surroundings and events.
Straw Body: You have resist poison equal to 5 + 1/2 level.
Gaze of Horror: You have the racial ability "horror gaze"

Horror Gaze Wandering Scarecrow Racial Power
You stare into the eyes of your enemies, causing them to fill with so much fear that they are frozen in place.
Encounter Star.gif Fear, Gaze
Minor Action Blast 3
Target: Each enemy in blast
Attack: Wisdom + 2 or Charisma + 2 Vs. Will
Hit: Target is immobilized until the end of your next turn.
  • Level 11: Wisdom + 4 or Charisma + 4
  • Level 21: Wisdom + 6 or Charisma + 6

Once servants to hags and other arcane masters, these animated scarecrows have mysteriously broken free from their tasks after the death of their masters. No longer bound to a single place, the wily yet curious scarecrows wander into the world, seeking a new purpose.

Play a Wandering Scarecrow if you want...

  • to play as a scary looking but highly curious individual
  • to be a creature looking for a new purpose or cause to serve
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Rogue, Ranger, and Sorcerer classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Wandering Scarecrows look very much like their inanimate counterparts, only a lot more frightening. Their eye, previously glowing red with a burning hate, now glow in various other colors, such as blue, yellow or green. Their bodies are made of straw and raggy clothes, held together by thread and magic. Their heads are made of burlap sacks with eye-holes and a stitched up mouth which does not hinder their ability to speak. The hands of a Wandering Scarecrow are clawed, but does not impede on their ability to manipulate objects with their hands. They generally have sexless bodies and cannot reproduce, although some Scarecrows have been known to take on female personalities and add additional straw in places to give themselves a more feminine look. They weigh as much as an elf but are much taller

Playing a Wandering Scarecrow[edit]

Being that they only recently gained sentience, Wandering Scarecrows have little knowledge of the world around them, but they have a natural curiosity that compels them to learn. Scarecrows are quick to learn and given their previous role of a sentinel guard, they often see things that others miss. Some actively try to integrate themselves into what ever society or community they come across, while others are hesitant, aware that their appearance may cause other races to shun it or even seek harm on it, causing them to become withdrawn and brooding, mimicking the lives and routines of others while watching from afar. Due to their frightful appearance scaring people away, Scarecrows have a difficult time make friends, but once a friend is made, the Scarecrow becomes quickly loyal and will do anything to protect them. Scarecrows are at first easily deceived and manipulated, but experience can be a great teacher.

Wandering Scarecrow Characteristics: curious, perceptive, naive, loyal, reserved, adaptable, cunning, scary

Names: Usually takes on a common name of which ever race they first meet after gaining awareness.

Wandering Scarecrow Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Wandering Scarecrow adventurers are described below.

Fawn, a Wandering Scarecrow with a female persona, met woodland creatures before she met any sentients. She decided to live with these small and furry beings, running with the deer and playing with the squirrels and rabbits. During this time, Fawn has also made contact with some human hunters. Though some were kind enough to teach her the ways of a Ranger and hunt else where, others she needed to combat to protect her woodland friends. Eventually, word had reached her that there was a dark force threatening to wreak havoc on the world. Fearing for her new family's safety, Fawn took it upon her self to find this dark force, be it mortal or otherwise, to protect her home and family.

Petey stumbled upon a group of unsavory rogues, who were initially frightend by his presence. The leader, however, saw how a scary looking guy could be an asset in shakedowns and such, and let the scarecrow into the group, giving him his name. Petey joined in with several illegal activities with the group, not knowing what he was doing was wrong. Eventually, the increased success rate of the gang brought unwanted attention with the local guard, which lead to a raid on the gang's hideout. While Petey tried to fight off the guards and defend his 'friends' the criminals ran, abandoning Petey to die. Overwhelmed by the number of guardsmen, Petey too soon fled, the wounds of swords not nearly as deep or as painful as the wounds of betrayal. Petey was eventually found by a group of adventurers and asked to join. He did so hesitantly, no longer so trusting as he was before. But maybe this group can help heal the emotional scars Petey endured.

Rod, as this scarecrow named itself, decided shortly after gaining sentience that humans were to be destroyed at all costs.This idea being due mostly to multiple cases where he was hunted and almost killed by humans. Please don't misunderstand,he is perfectly capable of having a decent conversation with almost any non-human race. But he still believes that he is doing the world an act of kindness by trying to wipe out the human race. Just as a human paladin believes that he is doing good by slaying demons, which he is, rod believes that humans are as bad as demons. And so, Rod continues his deluded quest of evil, still believing that he is helping the world to this very day.

Pierre, was a wandering bard who was given life through music and wished only to hear the tune he first heard again. He loved to perform by dancing. He traveled long and far until he met a young, silent ranger who was able to share similar "soul-moving sounds" to the melody that brought Pierre into the world, so Pierre pledged himself to the ranger's aid. Pierre became an invaluable partner for the ranger. Pierre accompanied him and led him to unforetold treasures. It was said that Pierre's dancing could seem to warp time and days would go by in a matter of minutes. The ranger would go on to defeat an evil king, for which Pierre got no credit. His whereabouts are unknown, and he will likely never be seen again, until he finds his melody, that is.

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