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Waltz Pierrot Attack 1
You toss up two weapons distracting your target and throw a third at another target
At-Will Star.gif Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Ranged Weapon
Requirement: You must have three light thrown weapons in your inventory
Primary Target: One creature
Attack: Charisma Vs. Fortitude
Hit: The target is dazed until the end of your next turn, and you make a secondary attack.
Secondary Target: One other creature
Secondary Attack: Constitution or Dexterity Vs. AC.
Hit: 1[W] + Constitution or Dexterity modifier damage.
Increase the secondary attack to 2[W] + Constitution or Dexterity modifier at level 21.
Special: If you use this attack while in Juggling, this only counts for one of the attacks. If you hit a marked target with the secondary attack, it is also dazed until the end of your next turn.

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