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Wall of Mokumokuren Tsuku-Master Attack 5
You send down a ghostly wall covered with hundreds of eyes that blind your enemies in an aura of both light and darkness.
Daily Star.gif Divine, Conjuration
Standard Action Area wall 8 within 10 squares
Effect: You conjure a spiritual wall with hundreds of eyes peering from it. The wall can be up to 3 squares high and must be on a solid surface, and lasts until the end of your next turn. Entering a wall square cost 3 extra squares of movement for enemies. If an enemy enters the wall's space or starts its turn there, it takes 1d10 + your Intelligence modifier radiant or necrotic damage, plus 5 ongoing radiant or necrotic damage (save ends), and is blinded (save ends).
Sustain Minor: The wall persists.
Special: You may choose to deal either radiant or necrotic damage with this attack (choose just one).

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