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Flame with seven forks

Domains: Volcanos

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He is the lord of Volcanos and Lava and will not let anyone forget it! He usually manifests himself as a tall dwarf with elegant tribel tattos, or, as of late, a seven horned Tiefling.

  • Do not Disrespect Magma, or its fiery heat will consume you.
  • Make sacrifices To applease Vunaku at every volcano you encounter.
  • Learn to withstand heat and pressure, and you can withstand anything.


Temples to Vunaku are usually sonstructed out of rose marble. They tend to be very Stifling, because even though they are vary open, the constant heat of the fires and pool of magma tends to overwelm any breeze. they usually have a line of pillars, with a main alter in the back, with a few hidden doors for the higher ranking priests only.


Those who worship Vunaku burn the bodys of the dead in magma, following a sacred ritual. They also make sacrifices of sheep and goats in volcanos, to keep them from erupting and destroying the people.

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