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Vrispwing Queen
Climate/Terrain: Underground (In Hive)
Frequency: One per hive
Organization: One per hive, Vrispwing surround as guards
Activity Cycle: Always awake
Diet: Omnivore; prefers meat
Intelligence: High
Treasure: Eggs, Teeth, Shells, Claws, Barbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Number Appearing: One per Hive
Armor Class: 9
Movement: Walk: 9" Fly: 15"
Hit Dice: D12
THAC0: 10
Number of Attacks: 5
Damage/Attack: 2-6/2-5/2-6/2-6/6-8
Special Attacks: Paralyzing Screech, Toxic spit, Call Vrispwing
Special Defenses: Vrispwing Guards 3-10
Magic Resistance: 30%
Size: XL
Moral: 42
XP Value: 4000-10000

Vrispwing Queen Details[edit]


Vrispwing are insectoid/reptilian creatures that live in large hives under forested areas. The Queen is the source of offspring in the hive and have a large ovipositor on the lower abdomen. 
They have Very small non-working wings on their backs unlike their smaller, flight-capable counterparts.

Combat: Vrispwing Queens are usually accompanied by three to ten Vrispwing guards.

Habitat/Society: Vrispwing live in hives that are dug out of the ground in heavily forested areas. Usually at the heart of these hives is a Vrispwing Queen.

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