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Voltaic Steel[edit]

Voltaic Steel is a rare form of natural and magically treated steel. Voltaic Steel is very electrically conductive acting as a mini lightning rod, and then has been magically treated so that it can withstand and hold an electric charge. The steel is a dark-bluish gray in color and when charged with electicity it glows slightly and you can see sparks come off occansionally.

Weapons: Weapons made from Voltaic Steel are like normal steel and automatically of masterwork quality. Voltaic Steel attracts electricity and then can absorb some of the electricity and hold the charge. When struck by electricity (magic or otherwise) the weapon has a 50% chance of absorbing some of the shock, lessening the shock by 1 damage die. When the weapon absorbs electricity and becomes charged, you can then discharge the electricity through the weapon dealing +1d6 Electrical Damage on your next attack by pressing a button on the hilt (a free action). The shock is discharged after 1 round (if not used) or 1 attack (regardless of whether it hits or misses). The weapon can only hold one charge at a time and if it is charged, it can't absorb any more electricity until discharged.

Ammunition: Ammo made from Voltaic Steel have a 25% chance of aborbing electricity if your weapon doesn't absorb any charge (whether it can or not), lessening the shock by 1 damage die. When it does absorb electricity, 1/2 the arrows (or bolts) become charged and do +1 Electricity Damage.

Armor: Armor made of Voltaic Steel have the same AC Bonus and are automatically masterwork quality lessening the Armor Check penalty by 1. Voltaic Steel Armor has a chance (25% Light, 50% Medium, 75% Heavy) of absorbing electicity if your weapon doesnt lessening the shock by 1 Damage die. Then the electricity can be discharged (a move action) and strike the closest person to you (if more than one, roll for random person). This requires a ranged touch attack for the electricity to strike dealing 1d4 Electrical Damage for Light Armor or Shield, 1d6 Electrical Damage for Medium Armor, and 1d8 Electrical Damage for Heavy Armor.

Voltaic Steel has 30 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness of 12. The prices below include Masterwork Cost.

Type of Glass Item Item Cost Modifier
Ammunition +12 gp
Light weapon +1500 gp
One-handed weapon, or one head of a double weapon +1800 gp
Two-handed weapon, or both heads of a double weapon +2100 gp
Light Armor +2000 gp
Medium Armor +3000 gp
Heavy Armor +4000 gp
Shields +1000 gp

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