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Void Force[edit]

Void force is air, hardened with energy from the void.

Void Force Item Cost
Light Armor 3 days and 1000 xp to create
Medium Armor 5 days and 2000 xp to create
Heavy Armor 8 days and 4000 xp to create
Shield 5 days and 1500 xp to create
Weapon 2 days and 800 xp to create
Other Item 1 hour and 100 xp to create, per cubic inch

A weapon made of Void Force weighs absolutely nothing. However, a DC 10 concentrate check or the class soulknife is needed to wield a weapon made of Void Force.

Any weapon made of Void Force can be worked on for 3 extra days, resulting in an item that has the effect of the spell keenness.

Void Force weapons do an extra 1d6 of force damage, and Void Force armor gives protection 10 against force energy.

Void force has 20 hp per inch of thickness and a hardness of 12. It also has the equivalence of fast healing 10, but only for the item itself.

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