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An example of a void dragon with purple coloration.
(modified image posted with the permission of it's original creator)

Type: Dragon (Void), Outsider (Native), Psionic
Environment: Any Climate, Any Land, Any Plane, Any Universe... essentially anywhere.
Organization: Almost always solitary for every age category.
Challenge Rating: Wyrmling 7; very young 14; young 21; juvenile 28; young adult 35; adult 45; mature adult 52; old 59; very old 66; ancient 73; wyrm 80; great wyrm 87+
Treasure: Nonstandard (large proportion of loot is magical, psionic, and other esoteric items)
Alignment: Usually Neutral
Advancement: Wyrmling 9–15 (Tiny) HD; very young 17–21 (Small) HD; young 23–27 (Medium) HD; juvenile 29–33 (Large) HD; young adult 35–39 (Huge) HD; adult 41–49 ((Huge) HD; mature adult 51–59 (Gargantuan) HD; old 61–69 (Gargantuan) HD; very old 71–79 (Colossal) HD; ancient 81–89 (Colossal) HD; wyrm 91–99 (Colossal+) HD; great wyrm 101+ (Colossal+) HD
Level Adjustment:

Void Dragons by Age
Age Size Hit Dice (hp) Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Base Attack/
Attack Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Breath Weapon (DC) Frightful Presence DC
Wyrmling T 10d12+10 (80) 12
+10/+3 +13 +8 +12 +12 4d12 (16)
Very young S 16d12+48 (160) 16
+16/+15 +20 +13 +14 +17 8d12 (21)
Young M 22d12+110 (264) 20
+22/+27 +27 +18 +16 +23 12d12 (26)
Juvenile L 28d12+196 (392) 25
+28/+39 +34 +23 +18 +28 22d12 (31) 36
Young adult H 34d12+340 (578) 31
+34/+52 +42 +33 +24 +38 32d12 (37) 42
Adult H 40d12+560 (840) 38
+40/+62 +52 +40 +28 +43 42d12 (44) 47
Mature adult G 50d12+900 (1,250) 46
+50/+80 +64 +49 +33 +51 50d12 (53) 55
Old G 60d12+1,320 (1,740) 54
+60/+94 +78 +58 +39 +60 56d12 (62) 64
Very old C 70d12+1,820 (2,310) 62
+70/+112 +88 +67 +44 +69 62d12 (71) 73
Ancient C 80d12+2,400 (2,960) 70
+80/+126 +102 +76 +52 +78 68d12 (80) 82
Wyrm C+ 90d12+3,060 (3,690) 78
+90/+144 +112 +85 +57 +89 74d12 (89) 93
Great wyrm C+ 100d12+3,800 (4,500) 86
+100/+158 +126 +94 +63 +100 80d12 (98) 104

Void Dragon Abilities by Age
Age Speed Initiative AC Special Abilities Caster Level SR
Wyrmling 65 ft., burrow 35 ft., fly 150+10 ft.
(good+perfect), swim 65 ft.
+5 19 (+2 size, +5 dexterity bonus,
+0 void, +2 natural), touch 12,
flat-footed 14
Spells, powers, DR 5/magic, alternate form, breath weapon, void biology,
void eyes, void existence, void walk (dimensional door)
5th 10
Very young 70 ft., burrow 40 ft., fly 150+20 ft.
(good+perfect), swim 70 ft.
+5 20 (+1 size, +4 dexterity bonus,
+1 void, +4 natural), touch 12,
flat-footed 16
DR 10/magic, void magic (hypercognition) 8th 16
Young 75 ft., burrow 45 ft., fly 200+30 ft.
(average+perfect), swim 75 ft.
+6 24 (+0 size, +3 dexterity bonus,
+3 void, +8 natural), touch 13,
flat-footed 21
DR 15/magic, void magic (dimension swap),
Feat: Flyby Attack
11th 23
Juvenile 80 ft., burrow 50 ft., fly 200+40 ft.
(average+ perfect), swim 80 ft.
+7 28 (-1 size, +2 dexterity bonus,
+5 void, +12 natural), touch 14,
flat-footed 26
DR 20/magic, breath weapon (dispel), void magic (astral caravan) 14th 30
Young adult 85 ft., burrow 55 ft., fly 250+50 ft.
(average+perfect), swim 85 ft.
+8 34 (-2 size, +1 dexterity bonus,
+7 void, +18 natural), touch 15,
flat-footed 33
DR 20/magic, 10/epic, void magic (trace teleport),
Feats: Epic Fortitude, Epic Reflexes, Epic will
17th 37
Adult 90 ft., burrow 60 ft., fly 250+60 ft.
(average+perfect), swim 90 ft.
+11 43 (-2 size, +2 dexterity bonus,
+9 void, +24 natural), touch 17,
flat-footed 41
DR 25/epic, 5/–, consume ability, breath weapon (greater dispel),
void magic (teleport trigger)
20th 44
Mature adult 95 ft., burrow 65 ft., fly 300+70 ft.
(poor+perfect), swim 95 ft.
+13 51 (-4 size, +2 dexterity bonus,
+11 void, +32 natural), touch 17,
flat-footed 49
DR 30/epic, 5/–, alternate form (draconic forms), void brain (lesser mind blank),
void magic (warp door)
23rd 51
Old 100 ft., burrow 70 ft., fly 300+80 ft.
(poor+perfect), swim 100 ft.
+16 64 (-4 size, +3 dexterity bonus,
+13 void, +42 natural), touch 19,
flat-footed 61
DR 30/epic, 10/–, void brain (mind blank), void magic (fatal attraction) 26th 58
Very old 105 ft., burrow 75 ft., fly 350+90 ft.
(poor+perfect), swim 105 ft.
+18 72 (-8 size, +3 dexterity bonus,
+15 void, +52 natural), touch 17,
flat-footed 69
DR 35/epic, 10/–, void brain (epic blank), void magic (ethereal jaunt) 29th 65
Ancient 110 ft., burrow 80 ft., fly 350+100 ft.
(average+perfect), swim 110 ft.
+23 85 (-8 size, +4 dexterity bonus,
+17 void, +62 natural), touch 19,
flat-footed : never (void eyes)
DR 35/epic, 15/–, breath weapon (disjunction), void magic (dimensional lock) 32nd 72
Wyrm 115 ft., burrow 85 ft., fly 400+110 ft.
(good+perfect), swim 115 ft.
+21 95 (-12 size, +4 dexterity bonus,
+19 void, +72 natural), touch 17,
flat-footed : never (void eyes)
DR 40/epic, 15/–, void magic (gate) 35th 79
Great wyrm 120 ft., burrow 90 ft., fly 520 ft.
(perfect), swim 120 ft.
+26 108 (-12 size, +5 dexterity bonus,
+21 void, +82 natural), touch 19,
flat-footed : never (void eyes)
DR 40/epic, 20/–, void brain (divine blank), void magic (enter the void) 38th 86

The void dragon is a fearsome species that spawns upon the alignment of a multitude of energetic conditions and the presence of another void dragon relatively nearby, perhaps something akin to the death of a deity as a void dragon is passing through a particularly psionically energetic cloud in the Astral Plane dimensionally adjacent to the event. Their entire form is mostly colored black with the briefest shimmers of light moving about it, much like a strange hybrid between the void of space and a film of reflective oil. Occasionally little lights akin to distant stars appear at random. The only exception to this coloration is the interior of their mouth and their eyes. Each void dragon has a personal soul-color which appears to light them from within, this color is partially determined by where they were ‘conceived’ and this color can slightly fluctuate depending on mood or actively use void-type, psionic, magical, or other esoteric abilities. The eyes as well as the very core of their being (which thus very dimly lights the inside of their mouth and gullet) of a void dragon very dimly glows with this color - shedding no light when in a default state and shedding a bright light if a vast amount of energy is being used. Their breath attacks as well as most of their supernatural abilities will be in this color, unless otherwise specified (E.g. casting a fireball will result in the flames being in this color).

Whilst most dragons prize accumulating a hoard of physical treasure, a void’s dragon treasure is its own magical, psionic, and supernatural abilities. Void dragons are uniquely suited to traverse the void and explore as many planets, planes, or spheres as needed to find new abilities to add to their repertoire. Their inherent speed, sight, adaptability and understanding of dimensions all contribute to their apparent wanderlust as they explore the planes in order to find something new. Their most fearsome ability is not, however, their admittedly fearsome breath attack, but their ability to slowly consume the essence and abilities of those they defeat. Beware the void dragon, especially one that has lived for long enough to see adulthood.

The life cycle of a void dragon starts with an ‘egg’ the less than a millimeter across forming at the epicentre of a potential birthing event. This ‘egg’ is composed of nothing but an amorphous mass of void energy that is usually incorporeal as well as invisible to most. This ‘egg’ continues to grow in size for many years as it accumulates and absorbs as much energy (magical, psionic, thermal or otherwise) as possible. As it grows, it gradually ‘darkens’ when viewed with true sight. If there is not enough energy available, it dissipates to nothingness over time and the conception is lost. Once enough energy is absorbed, it gets attracted to the nearest physical plane containing some form of life and becomes visible as it translates into the real and starts to hatch. The end result of this hatching process results in an explosion of energy resulting in healthy wyrmling with no ‘egg’ remains. Void dragons never stop growing for the entirety of their life, increasing by roughly an extra 5ft in size for every additional 512 years they survive beyond Great Wyrm. Additionally, void dragons do not die of old age and, in fact, often leave their birth universe entirely for more exploration in another if they are not killed for long enough after Great Wyrmdom.


A void dragon’s natural weapons as well as any weapons it wields are treated as magic (wyrmling – juvenile) or epic (young adult – great wyrm) for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. Additionally, upon becoming young, they automatically gain the feat Flyby Attack and upon becoming an epic dragon as a young adult, they automatically gain the feats Epic Fortitude, Epic Reflexes, and Epic Will. A void dragon also possesses all the natural weapons, abilities, immunities, and traits innate to all true dragons. Unless otherwise specified, all supernatural or spell-like abilities of a void dragon are voidic in nature and require abilities akin to a null void field (Su) or a dispel void (Vd) to disable. The spells and powers a void dragon can cast as a sorcerer or manifest as a wilder are an exception to this rule. If there are other types of innate energy-manipulation classes present in the cosmological setting in which a void dragon is born (similar to sorcerer or wilder in function), they will additionally start to develop such abilities in a similar fashion too. An equivalent resistance, akin to spell resistance or power resistance, will also develop if this is the case. These abilities would also be an exception to the aforementioned rule and not be voidic in nature. The inverse of this also holds true and if a void dragon is born in a cosmological setting in which spellcasting or manifesting is impossible, they will thus not develop innate magical (sorcerer) or psionic (wilder) abilities or resistances. A void dragon’s voidic abilities and resistance, however, will always develop regardless of cosmological setting.


A Void Dragon egg, upon acquiring sufficient energy to hatch, will be attracted to the nearest material plane that contains life. Once it has latched onto such a plane, it will translate itself materially to an empty location with the highest energy density which best matches the ‘flavor’ of the internal energy of the soon to be born dragon. Once it has physically manifested, it takes roughly an hour (4,096 seconds) to ‘hatch’. Over this time period it will slowly shrink in size as it absorbs the energy around it to catalyze the hatching process. The weight of the egg, regardless of size, always remains 100lbs with respect to gravity but functions as a 10,000lb object when it comes to inertia / being moved by non-gravimetric forces. As the egg shrinks, it’s durability increases (see table below) up until the final second whereupon it violently explodes and the egg expands outwards directly into the dragon’s form, leaving no remains. This final explosion matches the personal soul-color of the hatched dragon and deals 4d12 void damage to everything within 30 ft. of it, as if the newly hatched wyrmling had released an omnidirectional breath attack. This damage lessens with distance with 3d12 being dealt out to 40 ft., 2d12 being dealt out to 50 ft., and 1d12 being dealt out to 60 ft. If the egg is destroyed at any point before this hatching process, an explosion ten times as strong occurs but the dragon within is killed and leaves behind nothing but wisps of physically manifested void energy.

Void Dragon Hatching Time
Time Until Hatching Egg Size Diameter Hardness Hit Points Break DC
4,096s (1.13h) Medium 5 ft. 10 40 16
3,072s (51m) Medium 4 ft. 11 60 18
2,048s (34m) Medium 3 ft. 12 80 20
1,536s (26m) Medium 2.5 ft. 13 100 22
1,024s (17m) Small 2 ft. 14 120 24
512s (8.5m) Small 1.5 ft. 15 140 25
256s (4.3m) Small 1 ft. 16 160 26
128s (2m) Tiny 11” 17 180 27
64s Tiny 10” 18 200 28
32s Tiny 9” 19 220 29
16s Tiny 8” 20 240 30

Growing Up[edit]

This paragraph will eventually be filled in, but our scholars are having a tough time following these speedy void dragons and have currently not finished documenting their lifecycle accurately enough to report back on. (this paragraph will be more of a documentary-narrative of how/when void dragons develop as they grow up, such as 'the great focus-ing' between young adult and adult, how from mature adults onwards emphasis on more stable / refined control over the void energies within is a priority, or how the void magic: Warp Door is unlocked through exploration what fundamentally links ideas across planes and is what paves the way for void walking between them)

Void Dragon Age Categories
Category Regular Dragon Age (Years) Epic Dragon Age (Years) Void Dragon Age (Years)
Wyrmling 0–5 0–10 0–16
Very Young 6–15 11–30 17–32
Young 16–25 31–50 33–64
Juvenile 26–50 51–100 65–128
Young Adult 51–100 101–200 129–256
Adult 101–200 201–400 257–512
Mature Adult 201–400 401–800 513–1,024
Old 401–600 801–1,200 1,025–1,536
Very Old 601–800 1,201–1,600 1,537–2,048
Ancient 801–1,000 1,601–2 000 2,049–3,072
Wyrm 1,001–1,200 2,001–2,400 3,073–4,096
Great Wyrm 1,200+ 2, 401+ 4,097+
(+Virtual Age Category) (+200 years) (3HD) (+400 years) (+5HD) (+1,024 years) (+10HD)

Advanced Dragons[edit]

A void dragon ages even slower than epic dragons do, taking almost twice as long to reach great wyrmdom. The rules which dragons to advance further even beyond their final growth stage also apply to void dragons. Every 1,024 years a void dragon will gain 10 hit dice (gaining roughly 1 HD every century), its overall size will increase by 5 ft. (see the table below), and it will gain one “virtual age category”. Abilities that function once per day per age category or otherwise use the dragon’s age category as part of a calculation use this adjusted number.

At every odd numbered virtual age category (13, 15, 17… etc.) a void dragon will additionally increase in “virtual size category”. Abilities that make use of a creature’s size category thus uses this new size category as part of any calculations, such as to work out whether the dragon can Crush them or not. A void dragon will never stop aging nor growing, and mature adult and older will often assume an alternate form of a younger version of themselves to more easily interact with the world, despite this form being physically weaker. When not in a small form, void dragons will often end up using its void speed to inconspicuously hover in place instead of crushing the ground beneath it due to their sheer mass. Below is a list of advancements that a void dragon may experience as they age beyond 4,096 years of existence:

HD Advancement:

Virtual Age Category Advancement:

Virtual Size Category Advancement:

  • Armor Class decreases by -4 for every virtual size category.
  • Flight Speed increases by 50 ft. (perfect) for every virtual size category.
  • Void Stomach can house more swallowed enemies for every virtual size category.

Draconic Features[edit]

Alternate Form (Su): A void dragon can assume any animal or humanoid form of its size or smaller as a standard action twice per age category per day. The dragon can remain in this form until it chooses to assume a new one or return to its natural form. In addition, after becoming a mature adult, a void dragon can additionally assume the form of any true dragon of its size category or smaller. However, other dragons are able to instinctively tell that something is strange is going on when a true dragon form is assumed. While in an alternate form, a void dragon maintains its void biology (namely void brain and void speed (conferring perfect flight upon even flightless forms)), void existence, void magic, and void walk characteristics. If their alternate form is that of a true dragon, they additionally keep the full functionality of their breath weapon, void eyes, void hide, void stomach, and their consume ability. If the form is not that of a true dragon, they are able to make use of either their void eyes or void hide characteristics at the cost of it being an overtly visible trait in the alternate form being used as either vividly glowing eyes or umbrally pigmented skin. These characteristics and accompanying visual trait can be toggled at will without expending one of alternate form's daily uses. Abilities acquired through consumption may also be applied to assumed forms, albeit not at will, but unless the assumed form already had access to similar abilities they will also likely visually appear as physical alterations.

Breath Weapon (Su): A void dragon’s breath attack deals 'void' (untyped) damage to all within its area of effect (which can be either a line or a cone), regardless of coverage, concealment, or intervening objects. No typed damage reductions have any effect on reducing this damage and it can only be reduced by a maximum of ten by those with DR 10/– or higher. Intervening objects and terrain also take this damage and are disintegrated to nothing if destroyed. If one passes a fortitude or reflex save against the breath DC (listed in the above table), they take half damage. As a void dragon ages, its gains metabreath feats at a rate of one per age category. After certain age categories have been reached, the breath attack can also have corrosive effects on active magics, psionics, or other esoteric energies within it's area of effect in the following manner:

Void Dragon Breath Range
Dragon Size Line*
Tiny 30 ft. 15 ft.
Small 40 ft. 20 ft.
Medium 60 ft. 30 ft.
Large 80 ft. 40 ft.
Huge 100 ft. 50 ft.
Gargantuan 120 ft. 60 ft.
Colossal 140 ft. 70 ft.
Colossal+ 160 ft. 80 ft.
(+Virtual Age Category) (+10 ft.) (+5 ft.)
*A line is always 5 feet high and 5 feet wide.
**A cone is as high and wide as its length.

Void Dragon Melee Attacks
Age Size Space* Reach** 1 Bite 2 Claws 2 Wings 1 Tail Slap 1 Tail Sweep 1 Crush***
Wyrmling Tiny 2.5 ft. 5 ft./0 ft. 1d4 1d3
Very young Small 5 ft. 5 ft./5 ft. 1d6 1d4
Young Medium 5 ft. 5 ft./5 ft./5 ft. 1d8 1d6 1d4
Juvenile Large 10 ft. 10 ft./5 ft./10 ft./10 ft. 2d6 1d8 1d6 1d8
Young adult Huge 15 ft. 15 ft./10 ft./15 ft./20 ft./20 ft. 2d8 2d6 1d8 2d6 2d4 2d8
Adult Huge 15 ft. 15 ft./10 ft./15 ft./20 ft./20 ft. 4d6 2d8 2d6 2d8 2d6 4d6
Mature adult Gargantuan 20 ft. 20 ft./15 ft./20 ft./30 ft./30 ft. 4d8 4d6 2d8 4d6 2d8 4d8
Old Gargantuan 25 ft. 25 ft./15 ft./25 ft./35 ft./35 ft. 5d8 4d8 4d6 4d8 4d6 5d8
Very old Colossal 30 ft. 30 ft./20 ft./30 ft./40 ft./40ft. 6d8 5d8 4d8 5d8 4d8 6d8
Ancient Colossal 35 ft. 35 ft./25 ft./35 ft./45 ft./45 ft. 7d8 6d8 5d8 6d8 5d8 7d8
Wyrm Colossal+ 40 ft. 40 ft./30 ft./40 ft./60 ft./60 ft. 8d8 7d8 6d8 7d8 6d8 8d8
Great wyrm Colossal+ 45 ft. 45 ft./35 ft./45 ft./65 ft./65 ft. 9d8 8d8 7d8 8d8 7d8 9d8
(+Virtual Age Category) (+Virtual Age Category) (+5 ft.) (+5 ft./+5 ft./+ 5 ft./+10 ft./+10 ft.) (+1d8) (+1d8) (+1d8) (+1d8) +(1d8) (+1d8)
*Due to their body proportions, these numbers are just rough estimates of size for a 5ft-grid. See table below for more accurate measurements.
**Reach listed in order of possible natural attack types: Bite / Claws / Wings / Tail Slap / Tail Sweep
***Crush damage is dealt by flying/jumping and landing on opponents. A crush attack can damage as many creatures as can fit under the dragon’s body. (E.G. A maximum of 16 medium creatures
can be crushed by a gargantuan dragon)

Void Dragon Flying Speed
———————————————————— Dragon’s Fly Speed ————————————————————
150 ft. 200 ft. 250 ft. 300 ft. 350 ft. 400 ft. 450 ft. 500 ft. 550 ft. 600 ft.
One Hour
Normal 20 miles 30 miles 40 miles 50 miles 60 miles 70 miles 80 miles 90 miles 100 miles 110 miles
Hustle 40 miles 60 miles 80 miles 100 miles 120 miles 140 miles 160 miles 180 miles 200 miles 220 miles
One Day
Normal 150 miles 240 miles 320 miles 400 miles 480 miles 560 miles 640 miles 720 miles 800 miles 880 miles

Void Dragon Physical Measurements
Category Size Overall Length Body Length Neck Length Tail Length Body Width Standing Height Maximum Wingspan Minimum Wingspan Weight
Wyrmling Tiny 4 ft. 1.5 ft. 1 ft. 1.5 ft. 1 ft. 1 ft. 8 ft. 4 ft. 5 lb.
Very Young Small 8 ft. 3 ft. 2 ft. 3 ft. 2 ft. 2 ft. 16 ft. 8 ft. 40 lb.
Young Medium 16 ft. 6 ft. 5 ft. 5 ft. 3 ft. 4 ft. 24 ft. 12 ft. 320 lb.
Juvenile Large 31 ft. 11 ft. 9 ft. 11 ft. 5 ft. 7 ft. 36 ft. 18 ft. 2,500 lb.
Young adult Huge 55 ft. 18 ft. 16 ft. 21 ft. 8 ft. 12 ft. 60 ft. 30 ft. 20,000 lb.
Adult Huge 70 ft. 21 ft. 21 ft. 28 ft. 9 ft. 14 ft. 70 ft. 35 ft. 80,000 lb.
Mature adult Gargantuan 85 ft. 25 ft. 25 ft. 35 ft. 10 ft. 16 ft. 80 ft. 40 ft. 160,000 lb.
Old Gargantuan 102.5 ft. 30 ft. 30 ft. 42.5 ft. 12.5 ft. 19 ft. 90 ft. 45 ft. 640,000 lb.
Very old Colossal 120 ft. 35 ft. 35 ft. 50 ft. 15 ft. 22 ft. 100 ft. 50 ft. 1,280,000 lb.
Ancient Colossal 137.5 ft. 40 ft. 40 ft. 57.5 ft. 17.5 ft. 25 ft. 110 ft. 55 ft. 5,120,000 lb.
Wyrm Colossal+ 155 ft. 45 ft. 45 ft. 65 ft. 20 ft. 28 ft. 120 ft. 60 ft. 10,240,000 lb.
Great wyrm Colossal+ 167. ft. 50 ft. 50 ft. 72.5 ft. 22.5 ft. 31 ft. 130 ft. 65 ft. 40,960,000 lb.
(+Virtual Age
(+Virtual Age
(+17.5 ft.) (+5 ft.) (+5 ft.) (+7.5 ft.) (+2.5 ft.) (+3 ft.) (+10 ft.) (+5 ft.) (x4 previous weight)

Biology (Passive)[edit]

Void Biology (Ex)[edit]

A void dragon's body is in part composed of physical material, dimensionally folded architecture, and the original void energies from which it was spawned. Taken in sum, void dragons can be seen as both a physical and non-physical entity, a being that is both a dragon and an outsider. This incurs upon it the benefit of gaining 8 + Int modifier skill points per HD, but the detriment of being unable to be easily resurrected (despite the being a native of whichever plane they are in) and instead requiring an epic level spell, power, or other esoteric ability which had been uniquely developed for the purpose of reviving a specific void dragon. In addition, this inherent hybrid nature provides a benefit against the fundamental realities of any plane a void dragon finds themselves in (as well the corrosive nature of unreality) and allows for a void dragon's body to automatically adapt to the environment of whichever plane it finds itself in as if it were a native. It also gives a bonus to its armor class, initiative checks, spell resistance, power resistance, void resistance, and any other equivalent resistances it has developed. This unique nature is also what causes the natural weapons of a void dragon to be more potent than that of typical dragons once they reach adulthood due to gaining a more refined control over the energies contained within their body. Due to this unique biological makeup, a void dragon additionally possesses the following unusual traits:

Void Brain: The brain of a void dragon is folded across multiple encapsulated spatial dimensions with non-euclidean geometries connecting it in an almost incomprehensible manner. This is the reason behind a void dragons fearsome intellect and, incidentally, is why it is extremely difficult to read the thoughts of a void dragon without its consent. As a direct result of this, when they are a mature adult they gain a permanent lesser mind blank, when they are old this upgrades into a full mind blank, when they are very old this upgrades to an epic level and thus not even a metafaculty can overcome it, and when they are ancient epic level spells, powers, or abilities no longer succeed either. Some even say that thoughts and actions of void dragons which reach great wyrm status are unreadable to the gods, even if it would be in their portfolio otherwise.

Void Hide: Void dragons have an unusually dark pigmentation compared to that of purely physical beings which provides an inherent +10 to hide checks in dim (or lower) lighting and +30 when flying across a clear nighttime sky and +50 when in the void of space, the unreality between planes, or even the phlogiston itself (which baffles many scholars, given its riot-like coloration). This same void hide is also what gives a void dragon it's relatively high damage reduction as it ages. Part of the reason behind these traits is their constant passive absorption of the ambient energy, including light, surrounding them. A secondary result of this is that a void dragon can subsist entirely off of ambient energy if the specific location contains enough. However, most still enjoy eating, particularly enchanted objects, as the energies encapsulated within contain unique ‘flavor’ when digested.

Void Speed: Due to how their unusual biology is not a purely physical phenomenon as well as the abundance of void energy suffusing every part of their being, a void dragon has an innate awareness and ability to control every aspect of their bodies. This includes imposing a directional force upon any or every part of their bodies, resulting in a seemingly freakish speed (+5ft per age category to walk/burrow/swim speed), nimble nature (relatively high dexterity score for their size), and flight speed bonus (+10 ft. (perfect) per age category) regardless of whatever form they are in. This also eventually reasults in perfect flight control for the entirety of their flight speed. (Note: all of this information is already accounted for in the table above)

Void Stomach: Beings, creatures, and objects which have been swallowed by a void dragon take one quarter of the breath weapon’s damage every round. Additionally, a void dragon's breath’s special corrosive effects (such as dispel magic / dispel psionics) are automatically applied to them every second round, starting after the second round spent swallowed. If a swallowed creature attempts to cut their way out, the non-euclidean biology of a void dragon may either help or hinder this endeavor as the amount of the material one'll have to cut through is different each time a creature is swallowed. This internal thickness is calculated by taking the void dragon's (body width / 10) x 1d20 and converting this result to inches. The number of hit points of damage needed to be done to escape is equivalent to the internal thickness multiplied by the hit points/inch of dragonhide (rounded down). It has an overall hardness equivalent to the untyped damage reduction conferred by the void hide and has an armor class equivalent to a void dragon's natural armor class added to its void biology bonus. Despite this calculated amount of attack damage needed to cut oneself out of a void dragon's stomach, the void dragon itself will receive a different amount of attack damage proportional to: the total hit points of its internal thickness (as calculated above) compared to the total hit points of its actual thickness. This actual thickness is equivalent to a 1/4 of void dragon's body width converted to inches has the same hit points/inch (dragonhide, also rounded down) as listed above. (E.G. An ancient void dragon's internal thickness could be rolled to be 252 inches ((17.5/10) x 12 ft.) for a total of 2520 hit points, but its actual thickness would be 52.5 inches (17.5/4 ft.) for a total of 525 hit points and thus the damage internally dealt by the swallowed beings/creatures would be multiplied by the ratio 525/2520 before being received by the void dragon)

Void Eyes (Ex)[edit]

Void dragons possess ocular acuity that is unmatched in ability, even when compared to that of other dragons. Without any supernatural augmentation they can see at least twice as well as a dragon of similar size category, albeit with no detriment regardless of lighting conditions (bright, normal, dim light, and absolute darkness). This effectively functions as an unlimited range darkvision, in this case due to being able to detect radiation much further into the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum than most other beings. In addition to this, each eye of a void dragon has four focal points (for a total of eight) that are able to function independently of one another but cannot be further than a couple of degrees apart at any given point in time This is due to the moveable nature of sub-lens components physically present in a void dragon’s inner focal lens and is visually denoted by a void dragons’ pupils being surrounded by four thin black lines — one for each independent focal unit. As they age, a void dragon will learn how to supernaturally ‘stretch’ these limits until, upon adulthood, they can entirely detach one of these focal points from their physical body which results in functionality similar to that of an arcane eye with a limited range. As they age, they learn to detach more and more of these focal points up until all but one are detached, with this final focal point always being physically locked to the physical orientation of their pupils/eyes. The thin black lines surrounding the void dragons’ pupils fades to a very slight silvery sheen when the focal point is magically detached. If a dispel void of sufficient power is cast on one of these physically independent ‘eyes’, the focal point is ‘snapped’ back into physical existence within the eye and is unusable for a couple seconds as it adjusts to the violent shift in perspective.

Functionally, these eyes provide an inherent +20 to spot checks and +10 in search checks with an additional +2 to both per dragon age category. When taking supernatural augmentation into account, their eyes can probe the very nature of reality around them, slowly developing an unmatched metaphysical acuity to whichever magical systems surround them. This eventually manifests as a permanent detect magic and detect psionics (alongside any other detect 'esoteric-energy' developed) ability within their entire visual range. Additionally, from hatching they can always perceive any voidic effects within the entirety of their visual range much like a permanent detect void. As void dragons age, they can hone this ability to cast a plethora of at-will effects, as seen in the table below. This will eventually culminate in a permanent ability to shallowly peer beyond time itself on some level.

Void Dragon Eye Effects
Age Constant Effects (Su)* At Will Effects (Vd)**
Wyrmling Detect Magic (5 ft.), Detect Psionics (5 ft.) Detect Magic (20 ft.), Detect Psionics (20 ft.)
Very Young Detect Magic (30 ft.), Detect Psionics (30 ft.), Detect Magic (120 ft.), Detect Psionics (120 ft.)
Young Detect Magic (120 ft.), Detect Psionics (120 ft.), Truesight (5 ft.) Detect Good / Evil, Detect Law / Chaos
Juvenile Detect Magic (480 ft.), Detect Psionics (480 ft.), Truesight (20 ft.) Any 'Detect' Spell/Power/Ability***
Young Adult Detect Magic (1920 ft.), Detect Psionics (1920 ft.), Truesight (80 ft.) Analyze Dweomer, 'Detect' abilities
Adult Detect Magic (1.5 miles), Detect Psionics (1.5 miles), Truesight (320 ft.) Analyze Dweomer, 'Detect' abilities, Arcane Eye: 1 detached focal point****
Mature Adult Arcane Sight (6 miles), Psionic Sight (6 miles), Truesight (1280 ft.) Analyze Dweomer, 'Detect' abilities, Arcane Eye: 2 detached focal points
Old Arcane Sight (23 miles), Psionic Sight (23 miles), Truesight (5120 ft.) Analyze Dweomer, 'Detect' abilities, Arcane Eye: 3 detached focal points
Very Old Arcane Sight (52 miles), Psionic Sight (52 miles), Truesight (2 miles) Analyze Dweomer, 'Detect' abilities, Arcane Eye: 4 detached focal points
Ancient Greater Arcane Sight, Greater Psionic Sight, Truesight (4 miles), Foresight (on self) Analyze Dweomer, 'Detect' abilities, Arcane Eye: 5 detached focal points
Wyrm Greater Arcane Sight, Greater Psionic Sight, Truesight (9 miles), Foresight (on self) Analyze Dweomer, 'Detect' abilities, Arcane Eye: 6 detached focal points
Great Wyrm Greater Arcane Sight, Greater Psionic Sight, Truesight (15 miles), Foresight (on self) Analyze Dweomer, 'Detect' abilities, Arcane Eye: 7 detached focal points
*If range is not listed, assume an infinite range with the only limit being visual acuity. In reality the range for truesight would be ((age^2)*5/1024)ft. and the range for their arcane/psionic would be ((age^2)*15/128)ft.
**If range is not listed, assume it shares the same range as the constant effects.
***Functions as any visual based detection ability with the word 'detect' in the name including the catchall: 'detect x'.
****The focal point's maximum range is equivalent to the dragon's void awareness range. It may be moved anywhere within this range as a free action, and all other void eye abilities are also accessible through this focal point.

Biology (Active)[edit]

Consume (Ex)[edit]

Void dragons, upon reaching adulthood, all acquire the consumption ability. It is unlocked after the first killing and devouring of an enemy after reaching the requisite age to do so. Upon eating a defeated enemy, a void dragon has 1d% chance (per age category) of gaining a single beneficial characteristic from that it has defeated. This characteristic can range from a single ability score increase, trait, feat, extraordinary ability, spell-like ability, psi-like ability, supernatural ability, to even a class ability. Consuming a caster or manifester includes a small chance of peramanently gaining a small number of their spell slots, spells known, power points, or powers known permanently. Unfortunately, once the the consumption ability triggers, a void dragon has no control over which specific characteristic that it locks on to and thus often hunts specific species for decades in search of consuming a particular ability. If the this ability triggers and a void dragon is displeased with what it characteristic has locked on to, they can choose to not discard it and not gain it. Permanently active abilities acquired through this method (E.G. A magmin's fiery aura) can be toggled at will as a swift action. Finally, if a void dragon has consumed all of the unique characteristics of a particular species, they then have a chance to consume the ability to assume the form this species as an alternate form.

Void Existence (Su)[edit]

Due to a void dragon’s unique biology and extreme energy density, within the confines of a void dragon’s body - as if it were a demiplane unto itself (which in some ways, it is) - all magics, psionics, and other energy based abilities related to the void (teleportation, dimensionalism, space, and sometimes time) are automatically empowered and maximized, without requiring a higher level spell slot. Abilities used/cast by a void dragon themselves also gain this enhancement, but as do living beings still alive within a void dragon’s stomach. Void dragons are also immediately aware of any abilities (arcane, divine, psionic, technological, or any other source) that are related to the void within ((10*dragon age)+(10*caster level)) ft. of themselves. Finesse of this detection depends on a dragon’s age as even wyrmlings are able to easily detect gross violations of spacetime but perhaps miss that it was a simple teleport spell that was cast - whereas an adult would never make such a mistake. In addition to this unique sense, if a void dragon is warned/aware of an individual making use of abilities related to the void, they can impose an advantage/disadvantage upon them (in this case: adding/subtracting a modifier to their relevant rolls). Within ((10*dragon age)+10) ft., they can assist or detract up to their dragon age category in magnitude upon the individual the potency of this decreasing by 1 until no longer existent for ever 10 ft. beyond this range. (E.G. Great wyrms could impose upon targets: +12 at 130 ft., a -9 at 160 ft., or +1 at a 240 ft. if they so desired)

Reality: All abilities related to the void are automatically empowered and maximized without requiring a higher level spell slot.
Awareness: Instant awareness of any abilities related to the void within ((10*dragon age)+(10*caster level)) ft. of themselves.
Imposition: Able to to impose a detriment/bonus up to their dragon age category in magnitude within ((10*dragon age)+10) ft., decreasing in potency by 1 every 10 ft. further.

Void Walk (Su)[edit]

All void dragons have a profound understanding of teleportation, dimensionalism, and space. Making use of their both their unique biology and existence, as well as leveraging their innate racial knowledge of space, they are able to ‘walk’ by skimming through the void itself for a variety of teleportation-like abilities. A void dragon is never disorientated after making use of this ability and can use it multiple times during combat (if they are able to / have enough actions left) to devastating effect. Void dragons as so comfortable with void walking that they often use it in place of regular ‘mundane’ physical locomotion - such as regular walking. This ability functions like the spell dimension door at first, but gains versatility as the dragon’s age increases. This ability can be used at will with results dependent on the time spent casting, but it does invoke an attack of opportunity if the time spent is any longer than a free action. If a standard action is used, it can replace the move action but will still necessitate a withdraw action to avoid invoking an attack of opportunity if in combat.

Void Dragon Walking
Age Full-Round Action Standard Action Swift Action Free Action* Special Details
Wyrmling 120 ft., LoS Requires line of sight (LoS).
Very young 1200 ft. 120 ft., LoS Innate understanding if desired location is occupied upon casting with enough time to abort.
Young 1 mile 1200 ft. 120 ft., LoS Can bring along others as per dimension door / teleport rules.
Juvenile 10 miles 1 mile 1200 ft. 120 ft., only LoS Can function as either a dimension door or a teleport. Directional/LoS destinations are always treated as ‘On Target’. Free‑walking: 1 per turn.
Young adult 100 miles 10 miles 1 mile 1200ft Familiarity level is treated as one step higher with regards to accuracy.** Knowing a location's name counts as having ‘viewed once’.
Adult 1000 mile 100 miles 10 miles 1 mile Familiarity level is treated as one step higher with regards to accuracy.** Free‑walking: 2 per turn.
Mature adult 500 miles x caster level 1000 miles 100 miles 10 miles Familiarity level is treated as one step higher with regards to accuracy.**
Old Anywhere 500 miles x caster level 1000 miles 100 miles Now always functions as a greater teleport, no chance of failure. Free‑walking: 3 per turn.
Very old Plane Shift Anywhere 500 miles x caster level 1000 miles Plane shift has the accuracy of a regular teleport. When ‘Off Target’ the distance is 1000 miles. Knowing a location's name counts as having ‘viewed once’.
Ancient Plane Shift Plane Shift Anywhere 500 miles x caster level Familiarity level for plane shift is treated as one step higher with regards to accuracy.**
Wyrm Plane Shift Plane Shift Plane Shift Anywhere Familiarity level for plane shift is treated as one step higher with regards to accuracy.** Free‑walking: 4 per turn.
Great wyrm 'Phlogiston Shift' Plane Shift Plane Shift Plane Shift Plane shift always results in being ‘On Target’. Will eventually be able to target previously unreachable locations such as within the phlogiston or the farm realms. Free‑walking: 5 per turn.
*A free action teleport is also referred to as free-walking in this table.
**Familiarity above ‘Very Familiar’ results in always being ‘On Target’.


Void Magic (Vd)[edit]

Void dragons can induce certain effects in reality as a void-like ability at will depending on their age category:

Very young: Hypercognition (instead of a +20 bonus, a +(2.5*age category) bonus to Intelligence checks, rounded down)
Young: Dimension Swap (maximum range is that of void awareness)
Juvenile: Astral Caravan (automatically augmented, apparent speed in astral plane is (flight speed/10) ft.)
Young adult: Trace Teleport (maximum range is that of void awareness)
Adult: Teleport Trigger (triggers void walk, no duration limit, maximum (age category / 2) triggers active at once, rounded down)
Mature adult: Warp Door (can directly hear through the door, but still need permission to enter. Able to directly reach abodes in planes)
Old: Fatal Attraction (maximum range is that of void awareness)
Very old: Ethereal Jaunt (can be activated/deactivated as a swift action, no duration limit, visibility into the material plane equivalent to that of truesight)
Ancient: Dimensional Lock (maximum range is that of void awareness, maximum area is (5 + (5 x age category) ft., a void dragon's own walking or void-like abilities are unimpeded)
Wyrm: Gate (maximum range is that of void awareness, maximum gate size is (5 + (5 x age category)) ft., no duration limit, no concentration needed to keep open, maximum (age category) gates actives at once)
Great wyrm: Enter the Void (maintains all game statistics except for dexterity and constitution scores, and gains all new special attacks and special qualities, excluding spell resistance; can additionally change shape into any shape/form (organic or geometric) between the current size category and tiny; ability activated/deactivated as a standard action, but if reduced to 0 hit points, the ability automatically deactivates and leaves the void dragon in a random alternate form which best approximates their previous shape/form before deactivation with only 1d12 per age category hit points remaining)


Void dragons cast spells as a sorcerer of their effective caster level. They may cast spells from any other spellcaster’s spell-list as arcane spells, may only learn such spells through the consumption ability. Metamagic may be applied to any spells cast without extending the casting time to a Full-Round Action, and void dragon's gain one bonus metamagic feat per age category. As epic dragons, every three caster levels a void dragon gains the Improved Spell Capacity feat for a spell slot of a level higher than currently possessed. A void dragon automatically gains the bonus feat epic spellcasting once they exceed the 20th caster level. However, they do not gain any epic spell slots to cast with and must instead use their regular spell slots. Casting no longer requires a spellcraft DC but it is still used to determine which level spell-slot is used. Any epic spell below 40 DC requires a 10th level slot, and every 20 DC thereafter increases the required level by 1. Metamagic can thus be applied to any epic spells they known, provided they have the correct spell slot available. Finally, after mature adult, a void dragon will learn an epic spell at each age category suited to the highest level spell slot they have available. (NOTE: Despite the varying level spell slots being used, all epic spells are still functionally treated at 10th-level spells, only once a void dragon has a caster level of at least 35 may they cast true 11th-level spells (again, using the spell slots in lieu of the regular method))


Void dragons manifest powers as a wilder of their effective caster level, which is also their effective manifester level. They may manifest powers from any other manifester's power-list, however, they may only learn such powers through the consumption ability. Void dragon's gain one bonus metapsionic feat per age category. A void dragon automatically gains the bonus feat epic manifestation once they exceed the 20th manifester level. However, they do not manifest these powers in the typical manner and may instead expend power points in order to manifest any epic powers. Manifesting no longer requires a psicraft DC but it is still used to determine how many power points are used. Any epic power below 40 DC requires 80 power points and ever additional DC thereafter simply adds to this number at a 1 to 1 ratio. Metapsionics can thus be applied to any epic powers known, albeit at twice the usual cost. Finally, after mature adult, a void dragon will learn an epic power at each age category with a maximum psicraft DC equivalent to the maximum possible spellcraft DC for the epic spell which has learnt for that age category. (NOTE: All epic powers are still functionally treated at 10th-level powers, only once a void dragon has a manifester level of at least 35 may they manifest true 11th-level powers, but these use 160 instead of 80 power points as a starting point)

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