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An ancient and somewhat mysterious race of giants, Tionts are by far the largest and quite possibly the longest lived breed in existence.

Physical Description[edit]


The epitome of all giant races, Tionts are an ancient race that tower over even other giants... By far the largest of all existing breeds.


The epitome of all giant races, Tionts are an ancient race that tower over even other giants... However, something occurred in the far distant past to bring them down from their place as the Giant Lords, unfortunately there is not much information from that time as it was so long ago. One thing that is known is that, unlike many other giant races, Tionts did not have much conflict with dragon-folk; in fact, they managed to cooperate quite well (so it seemed). Unsurprising as dragon-tongue and giant speech are the Tionts' main language pool. Although during the Tiontic reign times were peaceful, Tionts were by no means a lovable race all over. The time leading up to their rule was dark and filled with much bloodshed and horrendous acts... with Tionts leading the majority of the slaughters as a terrifying race of colossus


Once a strong and thriving society, Tionts are now a rarity to behold. Though some commoners know the stories telling of the ancient Giant Lords, of their once-great society, very few (if any) have ever seen a Tiont. Partly due to their surprising stealthiness, partly their seclusion, and partly due to simple lack of population.

Tiont Names[edit]

Tionts are not given a name at birth save their patronymic title. Instead they are awarded a title later in life after doing some significant act or exhibit some noteworthy characteristic. Many commonly speak-able Tiont names are spoken in Dovashul, dragontongue and most names are not gender biased.

Example list= Gol Heimiik, Thul Vun, Strun Kroniid, Feykro Deimaar (Zinaal), Qeth Dwiirok/Kliiz, Grohiik Lovaas

Tiont Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. you gain a bonus in Strength of +2 as well as a bonus to Wisdom of +2
Age. said to have lifespans of more than a millennia on average
Alignment. Tionts tend along a path of neutrality, but as such are undecided
Size. large usually at about 12 to 17 feet tall and weigh around a tonne
Speed. Your base walking speed is 40 feet. At level 10, it increases to 60 Any form of crawling however, is made much more difficult due to your immense size; there is a - 40 penalty when crawling or swimming
Superior Darkvision. as a Tiont you are able to see things in perfect detail at 90ft range in the dead of night and normal detail at 120 ft range
Fearsome. You can use your Strength modifier in place of your Charisma modifier for intimidation checks
Ungainly weight. Because of your large body structure you cannot easily ride another creature as a steed, You can only ride creatures your size or larger with a strength score of at least 10. This also means however you can easily carry other creatures, letting other creatures at least one size smaller than you being able to stay atop your shoulders for extended periods of time depending on their size
Gargantuan Proportions. Due to your large size, you are restricted to the use of versatile and two-handed weapons as regular weaponry is simply too small for you to wield effectively
Tailored fit. All armour and clothing you buy costs twice as much on average due to the increased size of garments required... Additionally such apparel will rarely be in stock and oft need be custom made.
Inherent Strength. You have advantage on all strength rolls.
Languages. Ancient Dragon tongue (Dovashul), giant, dwarvish as well as a few ancient languages no longer commonly used. They can speak, read, and write these languages, however, they cannot verbally communicate with other characters (their voice is inaudible to common species). They can however, speak with plants and animals


Gol Ahmul[edit]

Golkiin. You gain proficiency in nature and survival skills


Heaving arms.. You gain a +2 hit bonus to all attacks with two-handed weapons in addition to your ability score modifier bonuses, and a +2 damage bonus with two-handed weapons also.
Leaden Foot. You have disadvantage on all stealth rolls, and your movements are easily heard within a 20ft range.
Heavy fist. You gain resistance to bludgeoning damage, and all melee attacks by you gain an additional +1 hit bonus.
Crude Thought. You have disadvantage on all perception and investigation rolls

Random Height and Weight[edit]

15′ 3″ +1d12' (<for regular games) 920 lb. × (10x(2d12)) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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