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Vile Thorn is a naturally growing bush found throughout the world, growing about 3-4 feet tall and 3-12 feet wide, vile thorn is the plant based equivalent to barbed wire. It has many flexible but strong branches that are covered in metal like barbs. The plant is very aggressive in the sense that it will often kill surrounding plants as it takes all the nutrients in the soil. as a result if the plant can properly be harvested the sap extract is filled with vitamins and nutrients and is a common ingredient in medicine. Though this ingredient is made expensive due to its difficulty to obtain. It is harvested and magically strengthened by druids. This material is famous for its uses in traps as it green color lets it blend in seamlessly with any foliage. This material is resilient and can be manipulated in many ways. The forms it most often comes in are as followed.

Basic vile thorn: this would be the exact equivalent to modern day barb wire as far as durability and shape, but is slightly more flexible. And is the natural form found on the plant. Can be sold for 20gp per 3ft of vile thorn. It most commonly is sold in nine foot bundles. Can be cut with a sharp blade and enough force. Strength dc 10 to break. Moving while in contact with this, such as moving though a vile thorn bush does 1d3 of damage per round of moving through it., and terrain is considered difficult. Movement is slowed, a dc will save of 14 is needed in order to not be stopped when moving though it when at a run. adds a d2 (coin flip)to damage when it is attempted to run though. Is often used in traps to the dms discursion.

Vile thorn net. 120 gold. Valric Kelspur ( an legendary gladiator) made vile thorn net popular, as the net entangles an opponent the same damage is dealt when trying to escape as it would be being caught in a bush. (1d3 per round of movement in it). Additional damage can be done if the barbs of vile thorn can be soaked in poison. The net can also be used in a trap, placed under leaves and such, when something steps on it breaking the trigger the net quickly closes and lifts them high into the air. the initial damage is 1d3. and for ever action done in the net is another 1d2 (coin flip).

Vile thorn weave: Smaller fibers are harvested into the plant and woven together. As all parts of the plant have sharp sturdy barbs, a combination of magic and nimbleness is required to make it with minimal cuts. it sells for 80 gold per square foot of weave, can be magically strengthened to be more durable for 5 gold per square foot. Can be made into different bags or other substitutes. The strengthened version is often used to cover shields or armor. On a shield it will do more damage on shield bash, on armor it will give bonuses to tackle like grapples. but - 2 on resisting grapples. Whoever is grappling wearer of Vile thorn weave will take 1d2(coin flip) of damage per round of grappling. Most commonly used by assassins and mercenary’s as binds or bags to cover the hostages head. Because it will cut the hostage if they try to move. Strength Dc of 18 is needed to cut through it with a sharp object. A Strength dc of 30 is needed if it is the magically rienforced weave. Does 1d3 of damage when trying to move it. If woven around a bludgeoning weapon will do an additional 1d3 slashing damage. The fabric shreds flesh, combined with the force of the impact often takes off a chunk of flesh on bare skin contact.

Vile thorn string: most commonly interwoven into rope. to strengthen it and add grip. This string on its own the barbs aren’t long enough to do any real damage but it still hurts to tough. thick leather gloves or equivalent prevent any damage done by it. Vile thorn string will give string a Velcro like texture, and is primarily used to increase grip. Common uses are, interwoven in rope that will give a additional +2 on climb checks and a -2 to use rope and escape artist when bound by such rope. It is often wrapped around the shaft of an arrow, making the arrow harder to remove and will often trap an un expecting person’s hand around it when they try to move it. Are often added to climbers gloves which allow greater grip on softer material. Can be wrapped around the handle of a weapon or interment that will give a + 2 resistance to a disarm. sold for 50 gold per lb. 3 hours per lb.

Vile thorn extract: a small vile of this is often added to medicines of sick nobles to aid in there recovery. All though it has no magical healing properties on its own, it is believed to because of its great positive effect on the body. The vitamins and nutrients that are rich inside it aid the body immensely in healing. When used in conjunction of a healing spell or otherwise, a 1d3 is added to the healing. The extracts is often used as a instant hangover cure. Vile thorn extract can also be used to stop the effects of malnourishment or vitamin deficiency. (Though at the time doctors believe that it is a cure for a disease that causes these). Sale price 50 gold per vile. 6 hours to make.

Vile thorn bombs. 200 gold (Nature magic users only) these are carefully crafted balls coated in a compressed fiber shell. Inside contains a magic fluid and a 3-4 vile thorn seeds. The fluid is a intense concentrations of nutrients and vitamins mixed with a magical ageing solutions, magical growth serum, water and other trace solutions. The shell is then striped of any 02 so photosynthesis cannot happen, leaving the plant to cease any growth. When the shell is broken 02 enters the shell causing rapid photosynthesis to occur, the plant has explosive growth equivalent to 10 years of natural growing. as a result a 5 foot area is instantly covered in vile thorn. Causing a instant vile thorn bush to me made. Those directly in the blast area will be dealt 3d3 of damage and be entangled in the bush. Escape artist dc 30 is needed to escape, but for every round -5 on the dc but 1d3 damage will be taken every turn. Because it needs to be magically activated it can only be used by druids, rangers, or other nature magic users.

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