Vile Reincarnation (3.5e Epic Spell)

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Vile Reincarnation
Spellcraft DC: 0 (-183)
Components: Ritual, V, S, M, XP
Casting time: 3 days
Range: Touch
Duration: Instantaneous/Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 1,000,000gp cost, 250,000 XP cost, 20 days developement time. Seeds: Animate Dead (+ 11 DC), Transform (+ 77 DC), Fortify (+27 DC). Factors: Fortifications are limitless, stacking and permanent if applied to the reincarnated (ad hoc, + 300 DC), reincarnated creature can store infinite XP (ad hoc, + 100 DC), soul transfer (ad hoc, + 50 DC), two additional casters (- 2 DC), reincarnated cannot level up anymore (ad hoc, - 100 DC), three Sentient Sacrificial Victims (- 60 DC), Created creature can be an amalgamation of numerous other creatures (+ 10), Increase casting time by 3 days (- 6 DC), Additional research cost 1,000,000gp (ad hoc, + 50 DC), Expensive Material Component 500,000gp (- 200 DC), 10,000 XP payed by/for every participant ( - 300 DC)

After the casting starts, the three victims die a painless death, whilst the main caster dies a very painful one. After his death, he will be revived as a skeleton of any wished size. Now, the process of the standart-transformation begins: The as skeleton reincarnated regains his alignment, abilities (everything except non-class special qualities/abilities)and memories and transforms into the desired (dual-)race (which can also include normally impossible combinations as a True Dragon Constuct etc.) and can change every detail desired (however, just by having wings he can't fly. He also needs the additional ability to do so).

After the casters have finished the steps mentoned above, the "fine tuning" of the main caster starts. The additional casters, a fanatic or any other willing creature can, until the spellcasting finally ends, pay XP to the maximum of 20,000 per creature (even if it would make them lose a level) to give the reincarnated the following (as the levels are not really spent to use the spell itself, the lost levels (NOT the XP) regenerate after one year):

+1 to a choosen ability score: 5,000 XP

+1 to a choosen kind of saving throw: 4,000 XP

an additional special or natural ability/quality (except extraordinäry): 10,000 XP

an additional extraordinäry ability/quality: 20,000 XP

any additional non-epic or -archtype feat: 8,000 XP

any additional epic or archtype feat: 15,000 XP

any additional divine ability: 200,000 XP (must be paid by at least 10 creatures (or later the reincarnated))

+2 to a choosen/additional regeneration, damage reduction (except epic), energy resistance and spell resistance: 10,000 XP

+1 to/additional damage reduction (epic): 20,000 XP

+1 to natural armor: 6,000 XP

+1 to/additional natural weapon: 9,000 XP

+5 hit points: 10,000 XP

+1 HD: 16,000 XP

After the spell ends entirely, the only person who can now add the above is the reincarnated. However, this also has a price: First of, the reincarated can't level normally anymore. Secondly, he needs to pay the double XP cost and can't make himself lose a level to pay them.

Material Component: Random magical item worth at least 500,000gp

XP Cost: 10,000 for/by every caster

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