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Crew 1
Pass 0
Cargo 0lbs
Init. -3
Maneuver -2
Top Speed 2000(200)Air mode,100(10)Land mode.
Defense 12
Hardness 10
Hit Points 70
Size G
Purchase DC 42
Restriction Military(+3)

The Viking is a Terran fighter that can change between a jet fighter and a mecha.It is armed with twin linked gatling cannons(Land mode only) and twin linked lancer missle launchers(Air mode only).

Table: Viking Ranged Weapons
Weapon Damage Critical Damage Type Range Increment Rate of Fire Magazine Size Weight Purchase DC1 Restriction1
Heavy Weapons (each requires a specific Exotic Firearms Proficiency feat)
Gatling cannon 6d12 20 Ballistic 300 ft. A 100 Linked Huge 75 lb. 28 Mil (+3)
Lancer missle launcher 10d12 20 Energy 10,000 ft. S,A 20 box Huge 90 lb. 32 Mil (+3)

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