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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: The split jaw of a wolf
Home Plane: Heroic Domains Of Ysgard
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Survival, Righteous Vengance, Good Giants
Clergy Alignments: Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Chaos, Endurance, Good, Retribution, Strength, Wrath
Favored Weapon: Broadsword and Waraxe

the Silent God, Fenrislayer, Vidarr the Silent

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The son of Odin and the Jotun Gridr. It is prophesized that during the Ragnorok, after Fenris kills and swallows Odin, it will be Vidarr who will avenge his death. He will do this by stomping on Fenris lower jaw and grabbing his upper jaw, then pulling up in order to rip Fenris in half. Furthermore, the prophecy also states that he shall survive the rest of the Ragnorok as well, without a scratch. Due to this prophecy, he has become a god of vengeance. He has also sworn an oath of silence until such time as all the death's prophesized in the Ragnorok have been avenged.


His followers tend to develop their own personal codes of honor. After all, what is the point of following a god of vengeance without values to defend. Vidarr also sets a high physical standard for his followers to strive for. While the standards to an offence are largely left up to the follower, once they have been offended they take it seriously and do not forgive.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Giants who hold smaller races in great regard than most and help to protect them rather than destroy them often find much to admire in Vidarr, as do those among the humanoid races with the resilience and determination to survive and avenge great wrongs. His temples are typically built in small villages and hamlets and remote wilderness locations. These temples are typically sparse, but contain sleeping quarters and a large communal feasting chamber.


In addition to his relation to the Norse and Giant pantheons, including the enemies within them, he is married to the Greek goddess Nike, to the chagrin of Dom Minos. Nike was impressed with both his feats to be achieved in the Ragnorok and his half-giant physique that makes those events possible. This caused her to decide that he would be her husband, and the goddess of victory gets what she wants. Initially Vidarr found Dom Minos' objection to this to be ammusing, if misguided, but their animosity has grown to be truly mutual due to their drastically different outlooks. His realm is very close to Kord's realm and the two greatly enjoy each other's company and friendly competition.

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