Veni, Vidi, Hunc mundum finitum (3.5e Epic Spell)

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Veni, Vidi, Hunc mundum finitum
Spellcraft DC: 150
Components: V, S, XP, M, F, Ritual
Casting time: 1 day. However, spell takes 100 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes to manifest
Range: 3959 mile radius (radius of Earth)
Target, Effect, or Area: the planet the caster is currently on
Duration: Permenant
Saving Throw: None (will partial; see text)
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: Seeds: Summon (DC+14), Energy (DC+25), Energy (DC+25), Energy (DC+25), animate dead (DC+23). Factors: create evil weather; Darkflow; Twilight hex and Frozen ruin (ad-hoc DC+75), continuously animate all that die (overwrites and acts like darkflow massive animation effect) (ad-hoc DC+500), spell can affect; evil outsiders; constructs and elementals, (DC+45), spell ignores SR (DC+40), increase range by 197900% (DC+395800), increase CR by 11 (DC+22), increase DC of saving throw (for frozen ruin) by +50 (DC+100), gain +50 to beat foes dispel effects (DC+100), dead are reanimated as spectres (DC+2), make duration permanent (DCx5).

Mitigating factors: remove dismissible (ad-hoc DC-2), burn 20,000xp (DC-200), increase casting time to 10 minutes (DC-20), increase casting time to 1 day (DC-2), expensive material component worth 500,000gp (DC-200), requires rare focus worth 1,000,000gp (DC-200), delayed manifestation of spell by 9 minutes (DC-27), delayed manifestation of spell effect by 50 minutes (DC-60), delayed manifestation of spell by 23 hours (DC-207), delay manifestation by 100 days (DC-120), evil weather affects created using simultaneous normal rituals (ad-hoc DC-1000), main caster loses all magical power for 50 years (ad-hoc DC-182500), main caster must relearn spell after each use (ad-hoc DC-1000), 12,950 additional days to research (DC-2590), 100 additional casters contributing one 1st through 9th level spell each (DC-8100), 101 sentient sacrificial victims (DC-2020), requires 1 litre of greater deitys blood (ad-hoc DC\5), can only be performed if permitted by whatever supreme authority the casters follow (if none then its use must align perfectly with their alignments) (ad-hoc DC\2). Material cost: 1,350,000gp in material goods. Research time: 12977 days, these do not have to be continuous so long as the laboratory is undisturbed. XP cost: 54000xp

I came, I saw, I ended this world...

This spell takes one day to cast and a further 100 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes to manifest. 100 assistant casters contributing one 1st through 9th level spell each and 101 sentient sacrifices are needed to cast this spell, the proper rituals to summon the evil weather must also be followed during the spell though the 101 casters and sacrifices are sufficient to perform these. The casters must then celebrate wickedness and vice (casters discretion) culminating with the main caster copulating with an ice devil, the 101 sacrifices then have their throats slit simultaneously instigating the twilight hex while the impending doom of this world forces the attention of the darkflow. Theses weather affects gather over the 101 days after the spell is cast and then become Permenant, they can be dispelled by a targeted dispel affect however the dispel check receives a +50 and the dispel must be able to target the entirety of the spell. The affect continues regardless of the original caster, once cast the spell is completely separate from him.

Theses weather effects act as normal except that they affect all creatures except undead and all affiliated saves (eg frozen ruins will save) receives a +50 to its DC. Darkflow massive animation is replaced by animate dead which acts in the same way except that instead as rising as undead versions of themselves creatures who die in or near the darkflow rise as uncontrolled wights.Once the spell manifests the entire planet is covered by the frozen ruin, twilight hex and darkflow effects. The reanimate effect lasts as long as the spell does and affects all creatures on the cursed world. This constant evil weather makes it near impossible to live on this planet effectively destroying it at least until someone manages to lift the spell or learns to live with constant urges to dance naked and unending hordes of undead.

In order to cast this spell permission from a supreme authority the casters follow (a deity or emperor) or personal approval from it being perfectly in line with their alignment is needed. The main caster loses all magical abilities for the next 50 years after casting this spell and must relearn it each time after they they cast it.

Material Component: One litre of greater deitys, this is drunk by the main caster and so cannot be reused. Precious objects from the soon-to-be-destroyed world equalling 500,000gp.

Focus: A symbol representing the casters alignment or the authority they all follow, this must be worth 1,000,000gp. An example could be there empires flag made from the most precious materials possible or a copy of the first ever set of just laws (for lawful good characters)

XP Cost: 20,000xp payed by the main caster

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