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Vengeful Return Champion of the Ferine Utility 1
Even the least of blows against you elicit an overwhelming response; every attack against you met in reply with your own as you draw upon your deepest reserves of vigor to continue the fight.
Daily Star.gif Primal, Martial, Weapon, Rage
Immediate Interrupt Melee
Trigger: You are hit by an attack
Effect: All attacks made against you provoke an Opportunity Attack by you, and successful Opportunity Attacks dealt by you until the end of this Encounter restore hit points equal to your Wisdom modifier. If the attacker who struck you is out of melee range, you may strike another enemy who is within your melee range; if there are no targets within melee range to strike then Vengeful Return has no effect and fades from your person, ending as if the Encounter had ended.
Should your Hit Points be at, or reach their maximum value, all healing provided by Vengeful Return becomes Temporary Hit Points until your current Hit Point value is lower than your maximum Hit Points. The maximum amount of Temporary Hit Points you may acquire through Vengeful Return is equal to your Healing Surge value.

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