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Although all Vekigis are initially devoid of memory and experience for the most part upon being awoken, over time they tend to develop a personality that is heavily influenced by those around them. Their personality is also determined (to some degree) by what the individual was initially built to do. Vekigis originally designed as servants, diplomats, doctors or other mundane work tend to have intelligent, studious personalities whereas those built for combat or as guards tend to be more gruff and reclusive. In the end though the personality of a Vekigis is molded by their individual experiences.

Physical Description[edit]

Although all Vekigis are about 6' to 7' in height and follow a physical pattern like that of other humanoids they differ individually depending on what the Vekigis was originally built for. Manual labor and combat units tend to be taller and more densely built whereas civilian units are smaller and more lithe. All Vekigis, regardless of stature, are made of a mysterious coppery metal known as Valkyrian Steel. It is roughly equivalent to steel in strength but much lighter and possesses several unique qualities such as high heat, cold, corrosive and conductive resistances as well as slightly repelling magic. This does not prevent them from using magic however and they are able to tap into that power like they were any other biological humanoid. The Vekigis is powered by a Valkyre crystal that produces virtually limitless magical energy that the construct uses to maintain itself, however the Vekigis can only store so much of this power at a time and thus is susceptible to exhaustion much like a living creature. Damage that their bodies sustain is slowly repaired by onboard systems at a rate of 2 hp per hour or 5 hp while resting. If a body part becomes broken (Such as a severed or broken limb they can only be re-attached/repaired by a knowledge engineering check with a DC = 15 + The Vekigis' level. if severed and re-attached the limb requires at least 8 hours before it will heal enough to be functional again. Vekigis do not sleep but can enter into a meditative, low-power state to get the effects of the 5 hp per hour healing. While in this state they are still fully aware of their surroundings and can exit the state as a swift action.


The Vekigis rarely have any negative relations with other races. Most other races view them as an oddity or as simply another type of golem. For their own part, the Vekigis tend to try and get along with the other races as there are so few of their own kind that two of them meeting is exceptionally rare.


The Vekigis is (at the moment they are awoken) are always true neutral as they have no memories from which to develop a true personality. The construct tends to lean towards the alignment of those that it spends time with after being awoken. Thus those awoken by just and good heroes tend to lean towards the more positive alignments while those awoken by bandits or evil wizards quickly mimic the darkness of those that found them.


The Vekigis are found in ancient ruins all over the world and often take to wandering far and wide.


Most Vekigis tend to shy away from religion, viewing it as the realm of the more biological entities. They do however often possess a sense of veneration towards their creators and some may even refer to them in the way that other races refer to their deities.


Vekigis seem to possess a particular knack for languages and pick up on how to speak the languages they hear rather quickly. They adopt the languages of the land they are in but possess none of their own.


Many Vekigis cannot remember their original names and simply adopt whatever name they are given by those that awaken them. For those few that can remember their names it tends to be more akin to a model number or call-sign than a true name (ex. LR-14)

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Con, +2 Int, -4 Wis, -2 Chr : Whereas Vekigis artificial physiology provides them with improved durability and faster cognitive functions they tend to be naive due to their lack of experience and often find it difficult to integrate with biological beings.
  • Humanoid (Awoken Construct) : The Vekigis are a fully sentient artificial race
  • Medium
  • Vekigis base land speed is 30 feet
  • Immunity to Sleep, poison, and blinding effects : Due to their non-biological nature the Vekigis cannot sleep, suffer the effects of poison or be blinded by bright lights, dust or magical effects except magical darkness.
  • Damage reduction of -5 to acid, electrical, cold and heat damage: The Valkyrian Steel that comprises their body is more resistant than simple steel to the effects of corrosion and extreme temperature.
  • +5 Resistance to magical damage effects : Valkyrian Steel seems to oddly repulse magic, making it more difficult for magical attacks to hit
  • Form: Each Vekigis was built for a certain purpose. Some were made for combat, some as doctors, teachers or researchers and others as manual labor. Thus they possess slightly different abilities due to differing parts and programming.
    > Physician Unit: These units were designed as doctors and caregivers. They receive +2 to Heal and +4 to Knowledge Medicine. They may perform any action that would normally require a healing kit with tools
      built into their frame which act as a healing kit +3. Their knowledge of anatomy also allows them to roll a Knowledge Medicine check.
    > Research Unit: These units were designed to function as research assistants and thus were given more powerful processing units. They receive +1 to Int and add +8 to any Knowledge skills. In addition they
      may choose two additional non-class skill Knowledges and treat them as though they were a class skill.
    >Manual Labor Unit: These units were designed to work in dangerous and grueling jobs. They receive +1 to Str and gain +4 to Craft and Profession as well as +2 to Knowledge Engineering.
    >Combat Unit: These units were designed to act as peace keepers and security guards. They receive +2 natural AC and possess the ability to shift their left hand into a energy-based cannon. This weapon deals
     1d4+5 (+1 additional die per 2 HD) damage to a target within 50ft. The player must choose at the beginning whether their cannon will deal damage as electrical, fire, cold or piercing. This cannon may be
     fired 3 times per day, plus an additional time per four character levels starting at level 4.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: <Vekigis> Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
Table: Vekigis Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
  1. Vekigis are artificial and thus do not age
Table: Vekigis Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
6' 0" +1d12 inches 180 lbs. × (3d6) lb.

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