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In the mid-1420s, Empire researchers discovered that a careful mixture of salt, water, and Tiberium produced a volatile fluid. Researchers the created the first combustion engines, which utilize the force of exploding Tiberium liquids to accomplish work. While this revolutionized industry on Vasuda, it also created a new method for travel: the Vehicle.

Vehicle Outline[edit]

Vehicles were originally created as a replacement for horses and other animals that often refuse to enter areas heavily contaminated with Tiberium Radiation. It wasn't until the Second Knights' Templar-Nod War that the Brotherhood began placing weapons which were to heavy for people to carry on their vehicles. The Templar quickly adopted the same tactic.

Name: The name of the vehicle

Speed (MPH): The maximum speed of the vehicle when it is carrying a light load, measured in miles per hour

Fuel Consumption (MPG): The rate at which the vehicle consumes fuel when it is carrying a light load, measured in miles per gallon

Weaponry (Damage): The armaments of the vehicle, if any

# of Passengers: The number of passengers, excluding the driver, the vehicle can carry

Moderate/Heavy Load: The amount of weight a vehicle can carry. When a vehicle is carrying a medium load, it can only move 3/4 of its full speed. While hauling a heavy load, a vehicle can only move at half its normal top speed.

Era (Inventor): The general time when the vehicle first began service, and the inventing faction. Note that some vehicles serve long after they were created, and can be found in any later era

Name Speed (MPH) Fuel Consumption (MPG) Weaponry (Damage) # of Passengers Moderate/Heavy Load Era (Inventor)
Quadricycle 6 12 None 4 200/600 lb. 1420 (Lenin)
Dualcycle 10 30 None 2 150/450 lb. Firestorm (Nod)
Tick Tank 6 6 Tock Cannon (4d6) 3 300/900 lb. Late 1420 (Nod)
Titan Walker 8 6 120mm Cannon (6d6) 1 230/690 lb. Late 1420 (Templar)
Dualcycle Mk. II 40 50 None 2 150/450 lb. 1435 (Lenin)
Devil's Tongue 20 15 Flamer (4d6) 3 300/900 lb. 1435 (Nod)
Stealth Tank 25 20 Strike Rocket Swarm (10d6) 4 200/600 lb. 1435 (Nod)
Mammoth Walker 15 20 Rail Cannon (6d6) 3 300/900 lb. 1435 (Templar)
Orca Artillery 20 15 Firestorm Cannon (10d6) 3 200/600 1435 (Templar)

Vehicle Details[edit]

Quadricycle: The first vehicle to have been created on Vasuda, the Quadricycle is a four-wheeled all terrain vehicle. While not particularly fast, many (particularly the Knights' Templar) found the ability to easily carry heavy equipment through Red Zones indispensable.

Dualcycle: The Nod's first work in vehicles, this two-wheeled vehicle allowed brothers to quickly make their way past Cabal's defenses during the Firestorm Crisis

Tock Tank: The first vehicle designed with the express purpose of war, the Tock Tank (so-called for the distinctive sound of its cannon) gave the Brotherhood a significant advantage in the early stages of the Second Knights' Templar - Nod War

Titan Walker: Equipped with a massive cannon, this bipedal walker was the Templar's answer to the Brotherhood's Tock Tank. The massive 120 millimeter cannon was capable of leveling nearly all targets

Dualcycle Mk. II: While the Nod was considered dead by this time, the Empire wouldn't let a good idea go to waste. By far the most fuel efficient vehicle to have been made, the Dualcycle Mk. II allowed for a far more mobile population

Devil's Tongue: Considered to be one of the most insidious invention by the Nod, this anti-personnel tank scorched opposing infantry, causing horrific burns that earned it the name "Devil's Tongue"

Stealth Tank: In keeping with the Brotherhood's credo of finesse over force, this vehicle carries a CCMCD which can render it invisible (as per the Invisibility spell for 10 minutes (20 minute cooldown between uses)

Mammoth Walker: A quadrupedal walker armed with two massive Rail Cannons, it can attack twice per round

Orca Artillery: This heavy artillery can lob it's shells over 500 feet, making it an unseen killer. It uses Firestorm shells, so-called for the volatile fluid that detonates on impact, starting fires approxamately 50% of the time

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