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Closed Circuit Magical Containment Devices[edit]

With scrolls, wands, magical equipment and spellcasters rendered useless in Tiberium radiation, the Empire of Lenin created the Closed Circuit Magical Containment Device. CCMCDs (or CDs, in colloquial terminology) constantly cycles the raw energy used by a spell, maintaining the spell's structure through Tiberium-irradiated areas. As the spell recycles, it generates a feedback loop which maintains the spell's integrity, even after leaving the device and entering radiation.

Creating a CCMCD[edit]

A CCMCD is created by forcing a spell to constantly repeat itself in a specially prepared housing. First, the player must have the Craft CCMCD feat. Next the player must create the CCMCD housing. While the task itself is not particularly difficult (no Craft check required), the cost is exorbitant. Prior to 1420, creating a CCMCD cost its spell level x its caster level x 50 gp + any material components, and the creator must pay 1/15 of the price in experience. After 1420, though, the cost to create a CCMCD was its spell level x its caster level x 75 gp + any material components, and only 1/45 of the price in experience. While costly, CDs were vital to any sojourn through Tiberium if the group required magical back-up. A spell inside a CCMCD may be used only once.

DM's Note[edit]

Hey, this seems unbalanced!

It may be. I have been unable to test this system, since none of my players wanted to make CCMCDs. Here, I have adapted the rules for creating a scroll, and hope they work. Please inform me of any problems or suggestions in the talk of this page, and I will implement any useful ideas.

Weapon/Armor Upgrades[edit]

CCMCDs can be adapted for use with weapons and armor, enhancing their effectiveness in the antimagic of Tiberium. The creator must have both Craft Magic Arms and Armor and Craft CCMCD in order to create the item. The cost to construct a CCMCD for a weapon or suit of armor is +25% the cost of simply enhancing the item through normal means. If the item is created prior to 1420, multiply the experience price by 2; after 1420, the experience price remains the same.

Enhancing a Weapon with Tiberium[edit]

Theoretically, any device can be modified to use Tiberium. The benefits are plentiful; Tiberium weaponry counts as adamantium, magic and lawful weapons with regards to damage resistance, and can deal radiation damage. Ranged Tiberium-enhanced weapons do not bestow the benefit on their ammunition, so the ammunition must crafted individually. To enhance a weapon with Tiberium, refer to the following table for prices and benefits:

Pital-class Weaponry
Damage Enhancement Radiation Price*
+1 100 TREM 2,500 gp
+2 150 TREM 10,000 gp
+3 200 TREM 22,500 gp
+4 250 TREM 40,000 gp
+5 300 TREM 62,500 gp
  • This price is for 50 arrows, bolts, or bullets (Pital and sling)

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