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Mobius Variant Rules[edit]

Gliding Speed[edit]

A creature with a gliding speed can move horizontal distances in mid-air. A creature cannot glide upwards, but can glide downwards, or in horizontal directions. While a creature is gliding, it descends 5 feet at the end of each of it's turns. A creature that is gliding also descends 5 feet if it uses it's action, bonus action, or reaction for anything.

A creature does not take any fall damage after landing from gliding. If a gliding creature's speed becomes 0, the creature stops flying and falls.

Rings Instead Of Gold[edit]

The people of Mobius buy and sell using golden rings. These rings are plentiful to the point where people can often find them littered all over the ground. As a result, the rate of rings to gold is quite large. 1 gold is the same as 100 rings.

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