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Vapotesh Arisen[edit]

Once every 119 years (on the 1,285 cycle of the moon) the lost city of Vapotesh rises from the beneath the ocean. For 29 days, one cycle of the moon, the island city stands proud on the horizon a parody of its former glory. The once beautiful city has been subjugated by sea, its towers crumble and its wall are encrusted with barnacles, seaweed and molluscs. The air-breathing inhabitants that built the city are long dead, but the ruin is far from empty. The dark walls have become home to new residents more than happy in the dark cold of the ocean depths.

The Upper City[edit]

The buildings remain largely intact, but the kelp and seaweed beds make the old roads difficult terrain. The city can be divided into quarters or thirds, with each part dominated by a particular faction (See below). Areas between the factions, such as the city square are home to monsters such as a gargantuan Crabs.

The Catacombs[edit]

The old tunnels beneath the city have largely drained away. There are burial chambers, old shrines and secret vaults to be discovered.

The Deeps[edit]

Beneath the Catacombs there are tunnels and caverns still filled with water. Strange residents incapable of breathing air live in the cold deep.

City Dwellers[edit]

Aquatic residents have taken the city as their own. The city is large enough to support 3 or 4 different factions.

Possible Factions
Sea Elves (See Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes)
Tritons (See Volo’s Guide to Monsters)
Water Genasi (See Elemental Evil Player's Companion)
Sea Hags and Aquatic Trolls (Scrags)

Adventure Hooks[edit]


You were crossing the ocean when ancient spires rose from the depths on all sides of your ship. As the waters drain away you find your vessel is beached a mile from the shore. You might as well have a look around.

The Mad Scholar’s Quest[edit]

By the Gods he was right! We didn’t believe him - only his generous coin had taken us on this fool’s errand. But to our amazement, with the rise of the new moon, the city lifted from the wild seas.

The Source of Evil[edit]

Every 119 years the city mysteriously rises insight of the city-port of Galandrach and with it comes 29 days of Terror. Journey to the island to stop the horror once and for all.

Locate the Last Shrine[edit]

The legendary artefact will only activate when placed in the font of Aqualoni somewhere on the island of Vapotesh.

Ticket to ride[edit]

Vapotesh doesn’t just sink below the waves it teleports to other seas and planes of existence. Hop aboard for a wild ride to new lands.

Land of the Lost[edit]

119 years ago a party of adventurers travelled to Vapotesh and never returned. You must find out what happened to them and recover the lost heirloom.

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