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Vampire Lord[edit]

May all ye wail, for I am the Lord of Shadow. Your lands shall they trample and divide with fear. Your cities razed shall be, their dwellers bled dry. For I am the Lord of Shadow and I am thirsty.
—Murgoth, Vampire Lord

Vampires are powerful beings which make the night their own. As a vampire ages their negative energy matures over the centuries and they evolve slightly. After many, many centuries the Vampire evolves into a new creature altogether. It becomes the Vampire Lord, a creature so powerful that few can hope to best it.

Becoming a Vampire Lord[edit]

Vampires who become Vampire Lords are the pinnacle of their race after having evolved over many centuries . They may have one simple magic weapon of their DM's choice

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Any
Race: Any Vampire who has spent either 1000 years as a vampire or has gained at least ten levels as a vampire.

Table: The Vampire Lord

Hit Die: d12

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +2 +1 +2 Improved Blood Drain, Improved Charm, Telekenisis, Vampire Lord Traits, Feats, Vampire Lord Peculiarities
2nd +2 +3 +1 +3 Feats, Enhanced Children of the Night
3rd +3 +4 +2 +4 Control Weather, Fog Cloud
4th +4 +5 +2 +5 Mask of Mortality, Blood Memory
5th +5 +6 +3 +6 Dark Blessing, Vampire Familiars
6th +6 +7 +3 +7 Feats, Vampire Prowess
7th +7 +8 +4 +8 Total Immortality
8th +8 +9 +4 +9 Vampiric Ascension

Class Skills[edit]

Class Skills (5 + Cha mod) Intimidate, Diplomacy, Sense Motive, Listen, Move Silently, Spot

Improved Blood Drain: Vampire Lords are more adept at draining blood than regular Vampires. When a Vampire Lord drains blood they add half their Charisma modifier to the damage done.

Improved Charm: Vampire Lords are skilled enough at charming others that their gaze attack can now be used through the sound of their voice. All beings which make eye contact or can hear the Vampire Lords voice takes a -4 to their save against the charming attempt. The gaze now also affect non-magical animals.

Vampire Lord Traits: Vampire lords are much more powerful than regular vampires. Upon becoming a Vampire Lord the vampire Attributes, minus Con and Cha increase by the Vampire's current Cha mod, than increase their Cha score by 10. Their resistances double, they gain +5 to their fast healing, nat ac increases by +6, gain +20 land speed, +10 DR, and +4 turn resist. Gain ability to shape shift into any animal, as the druid Wlid Shape used by a 12th level druid. This can be used at will as a move action. The vampire lord can change from one animal into another without having to revert back to humanoid form. Vampire Lords also gain the ability to fly either unassisted at their move speed or they sprout two large wings as a standard action and can fly at 2x their move speed with Good manoeuvrability. They emit a slight aura that only other Vampires can sense that sets them apart from other vampires. Can control 5X their HD in spawn/vampires.

Vampire Lord Peculiarities: Vampire lords are not afraid of mirrors and cast reflections, they can be turned but are not affected by holy symbols, staking does nothing but irritate them, they can have as many resting places as they want as long as they leave a single handful of dirt from their homeland near the spot they want to rest.

Feats: Vampire Lords gain feats as they become more powerful. At first level they gain the Improved Toughness feat as in the Libris Mortis handbook, hover, and fly-by-attack. At second level they gain Iron Will and a bonus feat. And finally at sixth level they gain leadership. Should a Vampire Lord already have one of these feats they than gain a fighter feat or a leadership feat in its stead.

Telekinesis: Vampire Lords can cast the Telekinesis(12th caster lvl) spell at will

Control Weather: Vampire Lords can cast Control Weather at will. Change in weather occurs in 1d4 minutes.

Fog Cloud: Vampire Lords can cast Fog Cloud at will. A Vampire Lords Fog Cloud disperses in 4 rounds by sever wind(31+mph), and in 1 round by windstorm(51+mph)

Enhanced Children of the Night: A Vampire Lords Children of the Night summons remain until dismissed by the Vampire Lord. As a full round action the Vampire Lord can share the senses of any of the creatures within his command and is able to emphatically communicate with them to a range of 10 miles.

Dark Blessing: The Vampire Lord adds their Charisma modifier to all saving throws

Vampire Prowess: Their powers having now matured, a Vampire Lord now gains +4 to all attributes, turn resistance bonus equal to their Charisma mod and they become immune to both turning/rebuking etc. attempts. If a turning attempt WOULD have succeeded the Vampire Lord simply takes the difference between the rolls as holy damage. Only takes a -2 penalty to affected stats when in direct sunlight.

Vampire Familiars:Vampire Familiars are people who where turned into a vampire but their maker chose to take their free will away. Vampire Familiars have the same powers, abilities, and cognitive awareness as other Vampires but they are incapable of disobeying, fleeing from, lying to, attacking, or otherwise betray their sire. Unless otherwise told by their sire, the vampire must do everything it can to preserve its own existence unless doing so would endanger their sire. The link between a Vampire Familiar and their sire is unaffected by distance and continues to work even if sire and familiar are on separate planes. At any time, the sire may choose to use the senses of any one vampire familiar to sense everything they are sensing and, if they choose, speak through the familiar. The sire may only use this ability if they are on the same plane as a familiar. A Vampire Familiar will continue to serve their sire until they die the True Death or their sire chooses to return their free will to them. For obvious reasons, Vampire Familiars despise their sire and are unlikely to forgive the wrongs committed to them after they are set free. In most instances, a Vampire Familiar is destroyed by their sire once they feel that the familiar has outlived its usefulness. If their sire is destroyed their free will is automatically returned to them. Other than by the will or destruction of the sire, the only way to break this bond is divine intervention. A vampire lord can control a number of vampire familiars equal to half their charisma modifier. All non vampire familiars under the vampire lords control take a -10 to all saves or actions made against the vampire lord.

Total Immortality: Even when utterly destroyed the Vampire Lord will return 1d4 hours after the sun sets in it's mist form and proceed to one of it's resting places to recover. When it reaches a resting place it can be fully regenerated and back to full power in 1d10+1 rounds. The only way to make sure that a vampire lord does not return is to cut its head from its body, burn the body and the head separately, scatter the ashes from the body over running water, immerse the ashes from the head in holy water, and bury the immersed ashes in consecrated ground. However, if the head ashes are ever unearthed and separated from the holy water via a wish or miracle spell, dried for an hour, and then subjected to an unhallow spell, the vampire lord can regenerate in a 6d6 hours if the ashes are placed inside one of its places of rest or 2d6 days if not.

Vampiric Ascension: When a Vampire Lord reaches the pinnacle of their power their abilities peak as well. Blood Drain, Slam, Bite, Claws increase by 1 die size. Base Movement Speed increases by 25% and the Vampire's fast healing becomes Regeneration. They also gain a +5 to intimidate, sense motive, diplomacy and bluff when dealing with other vampires. They also gain the ability to survive the harsh effects of the sun for up to 1 hour a day per Vampire Lord level; they however lose the ability to use supernatural abilities and gain a -4 to their attacks, all saving throws and skill checks whilst int he Sun as well as gaining a virtual vampire age category as by

Mask of Mortality: This is an Extraordinary Ability that Vampire Lords posses. This power allows the vampire to conceal their true nature from other non-vampires. The vampire’s fangs fully retract and their normally blood-red eyes become a color normal to the vampire’s base race. They will still be pale however, and this power does not protect them from any of their weaknesses. Even experienced vampire hunters can be fooled by this ability. Only the most veteran of hunters or a true prodigy can discern a vampire’s true nature while the vampire is using this power. The vampire may still use any of their powers while using Mask of Mortality, but they must end it to feed or use their natural attacks and flying abilities granted by the vampire template.

Blood Memory:If a vampire drinks a large amount of blood from a being they may concentrate in order to take in some of their memories. The vampire may influence which sort of memories they will see. If they are looking for specific information, and the information appeared recently in the victims mind, then they have a much greater chance of uncovering it. The vampire may not see memories more than 2 weeks old. If enough memories are absorbed the vampire may lose consciousness while their mind sifts through these memories. The vampire does not have to continue to drink the victim’s blood in order to sift through the memories they have already absorbed. In any case, if the vampire drinks the victim dry, they may see up to twice as long into the victim's memories, as well as absorbs some of that creature's muscle memories/skill set into himself, learning what that creature knew. The Vampire Lord gains a permanent +1 bonus to all skill for every 10 ranks the creature had in that skill or skills. The bonuses stacks from different creatures, but the Vampire Lord can only have a bonus maximum equal double current HD per Vampire Lord level. The Vampire Lord can choose what skills to learn.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Vampire Lord[edit]

Combat: Vampire Lords fight very similar as any other Vampire but with much more ferocity and power. They will often quickly pick off the easiest targets first in melee such as a wizard or sorcerer before dealing with divine casters. Leaving the Warriors for last to be fed on mid battle. They like to use magic weapons for more flair.

Advancement: Vampire Lords can multi-class any anything they could while they were alive. They normally prefer the fighter class so they can crush their opponents into nothing.

Resources: Due to the often staggering difference in power between a Vampire Lord and a regular Vampire, the Vampire Lords tend to become leaders of covens-commanding authority of sometimes up to hundreds of vampires.

Vampire Lords in the World[edit]

Vampire Lords can either be solitary hunters just living day by day trying to enjoy the immortality in peace... Most however create large covens of vampires to lead and live out their eternity in lavish style befitting royalty.

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NPC Reactions: NPC's treat a Vampire Lord the way they would treat any other Vampire. Vampires however respect and fear Vampire Lords in equal measure.

Vampire Lord Lore[edit]

Little is known about Vampire Lords as they are fairly rare.

Characters with ranks in Knowledge Nature can research Vampire Lords to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge Nature
DC Result
15 Vampire Lords are an evolution of regular Vampires.
22 Vampire Lords can survive in direct sunlight for several hours unharmed.
28 Vampire Lords are able to completely negate turning attempts and are immune to holy symbols.
35 Powerful vampire lords can create vampire familiars.

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