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Note: This race was made for a specific campaign for me and my friends, feel free to use it but know its not the best quality since its my first race and its not very good.

Lots of stuff taken from multiple sources, this race is essentially just this but with some changes. I will keep updating in the future

Physical Description[edit]


Vampires are typically said to be of pale skin and range in appearance from grotesque to preternaturally beautiful, and have an inability to cast a reflection or shadow. Perhaps their most dominant trait is their Fangs


Undead are not born, and vampires are no exception to this. When a creature dies and rises as a vampire or vampire spawn their race becomes this one, It is a common misconception that being bitten by a vampire can turn you into one. When in practice it only, kills you, warping your body and mind into a creature of evil, a vampire spawn and as such a slave to the true vampire that killed you. It is only by drinking the blood of the vampire that turned you can a vampire spawn then become a vampires. Though, few vampires are willing to relinquish their control in this manner.


vampires are considered evil like a lich because the church views them as a slap in the face of God and they tend to murder a lot for blood and to make vampire spawns, but they can be any alignment they choose.

Starting Items[edit]

You start with 6 Flasks of blood. You start with a parasol/Umbrella which has an effect that blocks all sunlight from touching you essentially reducing all sunlight to normal light that you are safe in, the effect does not apply when you are knocked prone, and it only works when your holding the parasol/umbrella.

Vampire Names[edit]

First names: Any

Last names: Bloodfallen, Zarovich, Vondrack, etc. really any last name works

Vampire Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 2 and your Constitution score increases by 1.
Age. Vampires do not age the same as humans, they essentially live forever as long as they have blood
Alignment. {{{alignment}}}
Size. Vampires size is similar to humans. Your size is Medium."
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 120 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Undead. Your creature type is considered human and undead, additionally you are immune to Necrotic damage
Blood drinker. Even though you are undead, you still require sustenance in the form of blood to sustain your unholy existence. You are immune to diseases. You do not need to eat or breathe, but you can ingest food and drink if you wish, though this food is always bland and stale to you. If you go for longer then seven days without drinking at least one Pint(Ration) of blood you suffer one level of exhaustion on the midnight of that day, which can only be removed by drinking a ration of blood.After consuming one ration of blood, you recover all levels of exhaustion. Upon Reaching 6 levels of exhaustion, instead of suffering death, become indefinitely paralyzed. The only way to remove this paralyze is to be exposed to a rations worth of blood.. A ration of blood is a flask, a pint of blood, is considered a healthy amount, enough to keep you sustained while also suppressing your less civilized behavior. A pint will heal you for 2d4+2 hit points. You can bottle blood, but when your bottling blood you roll a 1d10 and if you roll a 1 2 or 3 you mess up and fail, losing that pint of blood, the maximum amount of blood you can bottle from a body is 10 pints. Additionally Healing potions do not have a healing effect on you. To heal you must either drink blood, spend hit dice, or finish a long rest.
Bite. All vampires have sharpened teeth capable of tearing flesh from bone and draining blood from the body. If a willing, paralyzed, charmed, incapacitated, restrained, or grappled, creature within 5 feet of you has blood, you may use your bonus action to Bite them dealing 1d6 piercing damage, increases by 1d6 when you reach 5th level (2d6), 11th level (3d6), and 17th level (4d6). Draining their blood dealing additional necrotic damage equal to your Constitution modifier. Drinking blood this way is equal to consuming a ration as per your Blood Drinker trait. When you use your Bite, you can choose to not deal bite damage, but the necrotic damage still hits.
Claws. As a vampire you have a set of claws, your claws are natural weapons, which you can use to make unarmed strikes. If you hit with them, you deal slashing damage equal to 1d4 + your Strength or Dexterity modifier, increases to 1d6 when you reach 5th level, 11th level (2d6), and 17th level (3d6) instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for an unarmed strike.
True Vampire. You gain a coffinic structure. You can also take vampire feats and you gain one of these feats of your choice at levels 1, 11, and 20.
Misty Escape. When you drop to 0 hit points outside of your coffinic structure, you transform into a cloud of mist instead of falling unconscious, provided you are not in an area of sunlight or running water. If you can't transform, you are destroyed.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Vampiric, and one other language of your choice.

Vampire Weaknesses[edit]

Stake to the Heart:

If a piercing weapon made of wood is driven into your heart while incapacitated , you become paralyzed until the stake is removed.

Sunlight Hypersensitivity:

You sear and burn in the light of the sun, your flesh immolating. If you end your turn in direct sunlight, you take 3d10 radiant damage. You also have disadvantage on any attack rolls and ability checks when in direct sunlight


Radiant damage hits you


Running water such as waterfalls or rivers hurt you(discuss with DM about damage). But Lakes and rain are completely fine

Random Height and Weight[edit]

4′ 5″ + 80 - 130 lb. × (2d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Vampire Feats[edit]

Feat: Superior Body[edit]

You can use your vampiric reflexes to dodge attacks and move with an unearthly grace and ease, gaining the following benefits:

You can climb difficult surfaces, including upside down on ceilings, without needing to make an ability check. While you are wearing no armor, your Armor Class equals 12 + your Dexterity modifier. Your base movement speed increases by 5 feet.

Feat: Animating Bite[edit]

You can suffuse your unholy lifeforce into creatures you drain. When you reduce a creature to 0 hit points you can choose to animate it, causing it to rise at the next midnight as a zombie under your control. This zombie can take simple commands from you and you may have a number of zombies equal to your proficiency bonus under your control through this method at a time. If you already have your maximum number of zombies under your control other corpses which rise due to your bite are not under your control are hostile towards you and others.

At 18th level, your bite may raise vampire spawns instead of zombies. You may have up to one vampire spawn under your control through this method at any time.

Feat: Unnatural Charm[edit]

As an action, you can target one humanoid you can see within 30 feet. If the target can see you, it must succeed a Wisdom saving throw, or be charmed. The DC for the save is equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier. The charmed target regards you as a trusted friend to be heeded and protected. Although the target isn't under your direct control, it takes your requests or actions in the most favorable way it can, and it is a willing target for your Vampire Bite.

Each time you or one of your companions do anything harmful to the target, it can repeat the saving throw, ending the effect on itself on a success. Otherwise, the effect lasts for 24 hours, until you are destroyed, until you on a different plane of existence than the target, or if you take a bonus action to end the effect. You can only have one creature charmed this way at once and you can use this trait a number of times equal to your Charisma modifier before you must complete a long rest before using it again.

Feat: Shapechanger[edit]

Vampires are known for their ability to shift from form to form. You gain the shapechanger tag and if you are not in sunlight or running water, you can use your action to polymorph into a Tiny bat[4] or a Medium cloud of mist for 1 minute, or back into your true form.

Bat Form: While in bat form you can't speak, your walking speed is 5 feet, and you have a flying speed of 30 feet. Your statistics, other than your size and speed, are unchanged. Anything you are wearing transforms with you, but nothing you are carrying does. You revert to your true form if you die. Mist Form: While in mist form, you can't take any actions, speak, or manipulate objects. You are weightless and have a flying speed of 20 feet, can hover, and can enter a hostile creature's space and stop there. In addition, if air can pass through a space, the mist can do so without squeezing, and it can't pass through water. You have advantage on Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution saving throws, gain a number of temporary hit points equal to twice your level, and are immune to all nonmagical damage, except the damage you take from sunlight. Once you transform this way you cannot do so again until you complete a short or long rest.

Feat: Children of the Night[edit]

As an action, you may magically call 1d4 swarms of bats[5] or rats[6], provided the sun isn't up. While outdoors, you can call 1d6 wolves[7] instead. The called creatures arrive in 1d4 rounds, acting as your allies and obeying your spoken commands. The beasts remain for 1 hour, and can be dismissed as a bonus action. You may not call on more than one swarm at any time.

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