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A Collective Noun is a word used to describe a group of creatures, but you might be wondering what some of the various groups of creatures and races in Dungeons and Dragons are called. Well, if so, here's the list! If not, read it anyway, it adds more flavor to your campaign than calling everything a "group" or "pack". Take note that many of these names can be used in a role-playing game other than good old D&D.

Undead Collective Nouns[edit]

An academy of apparitions.

A racket of banshees.

A prominence of dhampirs.

A congress of ghosts.

A shroud of ghouls.

A liberty of mummies.

A rumpus of phantoms.

A blanket of poltergeist.

A depravity of revenants.

A drudge of skeletons.

A penumbra of spirits.

A mystery of spooks.

A basement of vampires.

An exigency of wendigoes.

A degradation of wraiths.

A vexation of zombies.

Planar Collective Nouns[edit]

A host of angels.

An archhost of archangels. (Duh!)

A compass of cherubim.

A legion of demons.

A bombast of devils.

A chimney of djinns.

A semitheon of demigods.

A pantheon of gods.

A storm of ifrits.

A party of incubi.

A baleful of martyrs.

A rapture of messiahs.

A murmur of possessed.

A persuasion of prophets.

A caucus of priests/shamans.

A finery of sphinxes.

A glory of seraphim.

An opulence of succubi.

A majesty of titans.

A cavalry of valkyries.

Fey Collective Nouns[edit]

A hustle of brownies.

A brace of dryads.

A tizzy of fairies.

A lawn of gnomes.

An indulgence of leprechauns.

A swell of naiads.

A delectation of nymphs.

A pleasure of pixies.

A resolution of sprites.

A fondle of unicorns.

Humanoid Collective Nouns[edit]

A prominence of bugbears.

A knot of dwarves.

A doubting of cyclopes.

A drove of elves.

A percussion of giants.

A malignity of goblins.

A group of humans.

A rally of hobgoblins.

A feast of halflings.

A gossip of merfolk.

A table of knights.

A torment of ogres.

A rage of orcs.

A disappearance of thieves.

A malevolence of trolls.

A coventry of warlocks.

A coven of witches.

A fellowship of wizards.

Monster Collective Nouns[edit]

A tackle of basilisks.

A spectacle of behemoths.

A ruminance of bigfoots.

A scamper of bogeymen.

A braid of chimerae.

A clubbing of chupacabra.

A cabal of cockatrice.

A supremacy of dinosaurs.

A thunder or weyr of dragons.

A tangle of gorgons.

A devilry of gremlins.

A clamor of harpies.

A harmony of homunculi.

A senate of gryphons.

A fulsome of hippogriffs.

A warfare of hydra.

A dastardly of manticores.

A snarl of minotaurs.

A conservatory of phoenixes.

A continent of leviathans.

A lunacy of werecreatures.

A legion of wyverns.

A flurry of yeti.

A craving of golems.

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