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Vagrant Trouper[edit]

"Where is your home?" you might ask. It's throughout the land where the wind blows. Not long ago you became a travelling performer, and as a part of your living, you have to cross distances and cultures looking for people you can impress with your skills. You might be a tightrope walker that jumps into a bowl of water from great heights. An animal charmer that executes acrobatic tricks while riding a horse. A prestidigitator with all the illusion tricks under your sleeve. A gymnastic wonder who can bend his or her body in unthinkable ways. A strongman with the strength to lift even elephants. A trapeze darer that jumps through flaming rings. A clown that keeps a smile, juggling multiple balls while riding a unicycle. A voice talent that tells a joke or mesmerises listeners with her or his song.

As your life progresses something changes. You were accustomed only to this life when something has happen. What exactly changed that you decided to take on an adventure head on? Did you travel and performed alone or where you with a group? Is your family the people you performed with or something else? Where you a variety of acts with others or just a one-man show? Was the source of your wealth came only your stunts? Where you ever injured, or had an accident while training or performing? What is your on-stage name if you have one? At what point in your life did you decided to become a trouper? Where you perhaps forced or destined by fate? When choosing this background you gain the following:

Skill Proficiencies: Choose 2 between Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand and Performance

Tool Proficiencies: A single set of Artisan’s tools picked by you, and choose between a Disguise Kit or a single Musical Instrument selected by you.

Equipment: A set of Costume Clothes appropriate for your act, a set of Traveller’s Clothes, tools you picked as your proficiency, a Sack, a Bedroll, Sealing Wax and a stamp with your autograph, up to 10 posters (equivalent to Parchment) showing your performance or your group, a pouch filled with 5GP.

Feature: A Sparkling Star[edit]

As a travelling performer you are recognized on streets, as long as you wear the same clothes as you do on stage. Otherwise, people won't even notice you. You might be welcomed and plead to perform in front of nobles or on the streets. People might ask you for your autograph, or the secrets behind your tricks. In return they might offer you more than just gold for their entertainment. Remember that you can't let your fanbase down!

Alternate Feature: Two Sides of the Coin[edit]

Things never been as fun for you as they appeared for your fans. You had to deal under the table in order to survive. Doing so, you gained a reputation underground as their potential hand that doesn't mind getting dirty. When you visit towns you might be greeted by some shady types offering you work on the side. You can also call them for favours, as they know you get the job done. Choosing this option also forces you to pick Sleight of Hand as your proficiency.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

As a stage performer you might have adapted a dual personality, how you act off-stage could be completely different that people would expect.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I'm a shining, bright star! I'm always smiling!
2 Never had I thought I would be doing this in my life. It could have been worse.
3 Yesterday is not important, I rather think about what I'm going to eat today.
4 I wonder sometimes if people really love my shows. I always strive for the best.
5 I like daring dangerous acts because it makes me feel that I'm alive.
6 Never a day without boredom if you don't have a home. This is total freedom.
7 People always tell me I'm exactly the same person on and off stage. I wonder why...
8 I always tell the truth of how I feel. It's not being rude, it's called satire.
d6 Ideal
1 The smiles on people's faces are more important than money, I could even perform for free.
2 Every woman or man can do better if they try! I hate losers who surrender.
3 I know how sad a life can be in poverty, I do this for those people!
4 Life of a performer fits me well. I can sway people's emotions and do as I please with them.
5 Nothing really matters more than having your sack full. I am ready to do anything for it.
6 The wheel of fortune only spins someone else turns it, opportunities come and go.
d6 Bond
1 Seeing how my friend died while attempting an act, I won't allow others to do the same.
2 I sincerely believe that my family is still somewhere out there, I have to see them.
3 My act if my life, I constantly strive to perfect it and learn as I go.
4 My fans are my everything, the tenancy I receive from them helps me to compete for their smiles.
5 I am in debt for my master who taught me this act, something that I have to repay someday.
6 Being alone on streets and poor gets me even in my sleep. I deserve a better life.
d6 Flaw
1 Everything I ever want from people is their eyes on me. I can't live without others praising me.
2 I have seen everything and I always worry that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong.
3 When someone stops to watch my performance on the streets, I can't stop until that person tips me into my pouch.
4 I always check things twice or thrice, I can never be sure that I have everything ready.
5 I openly dislike people who pester me for autographs, I grow aggressive when people don't respect my personal space.
6 I don't know what could change in my life, so I always try avoid unnecessary changes.

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