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Lesser Deity
Symbol: Sand background, with a horizontal black thick line and a green palm on the middle
Home Plane: Vaorush
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Nature, Battle
Clergy Alignments: Must be any Neutral, or Chaotic Good or Chaotic Evil.
Domains: Chaos, Punishment, Neutrality.
Favored Weapon: Twin rapiers.
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The first line of Vacklash is that if someone is ready to die for you, let it be done, and only then attack. He wants his followers to be battle ready, but that they do not take sides of kingdoms. Vacklash's followers are nomads, who travel around Vaorush to seek another battle.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

His followers are only battle-ready elves, and Reflectors, after he revives them. His followers are fighters, rangers or barbarians, but some of them are druids, too. his temples are small shrines that are built around the dessert of Vaorush, near a lake. The shrine makes the lake's water a teleport, which if touched teleports the toucher into the main temple.

Nature Gods[edit]

Terreia leads a group of gods that dominate nature, alongside Uvalou and Vacklash, the two other nature gods. The group controls nature in Rubyspire Vale, areas from the Material Plane and Vaorush.

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