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Lesser Deity
Symbol: round island with a burning mountain on it
Home Plane: Material Plane
Alignment: neutral evil
Portfolio: nature, fire, punishment.
Clergy Alignments: true neutral, or any evil.
Domains: evil, neutrality, defence.
Favored Weapon: bastard sword.
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Uvalou is the only god in the nature gods that chose a side, evil. he belives that nature should be hostile to forms of life, and he creates the firestorms that roam around the material plane. instead of controlling the earth itself, Uvalou is controling the fires of nature.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Uvalou's followers are rangers and druids, that are all around the material plane, with no restriction to a specific area. Uvalou's temples are copies of Terreia's temples, tall towers, just that instead of two sickles, the top of the tower is burning in a non-lethal fire, that burns forever.

Nature Gods[edit]

Terreia leads a group of gods that dominate nature, alongside Uvalou and Vacklash, the two other nature gods. the group controls nature in Rubyspire Vale, areas from the Material Plane and Vaorush.

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