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Utahraptor ostrommaysorum
Size/Type: Large Animal
Hit Dice: 8d8+36 (65 hp)
Initiative: +5
Speed: 60 ft.
Armor Class: 22 (-1 size, +5 Dex, +8 natural), touch 17, flat-footed 14
Base Attack/Grapple: +5/+11
Attack: Talons +11 melee (2d6+6)
Full Attack: Talons +11 melee (2d6+6)and foreclaws +6 melee (2d4+2) and bite +6 melee (1d8+4)
Space/Reach: 10ft/5ft
Special Attacks: Pounce
Special Qualities: Scent
Saves: Fort 8, Ref 10, Will 4
Abilities: Str 22, Dex 20, Con 18, Int 2, Wis 15, Cha 12
Skills: Hide +10, Jump +30, Listen +12, Spot +15, Survival +12, Tumble +7
Feats: Run, Track, Acrobatic
Environment: Temperate Floodplains
Organization: Solitary, Pair
Challenge Rating: 6
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always Neutral
Advancement: 9–16 HD (Large); 17–24 HD (Huge)
Level Adjustment:
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More information...

"You get your first look at this twelve foot turkey as you enter a clearing. He moves like a bird, lightly, bobbing his feathered head. And you keep still because you think that maybe his visual acuity is based on movement like a toad – he'll lose you if you don't move. But no, not Utahaptor. You stare at him, and he just stares right back. And that's when the attack comes. Not from the front, but from the side, from the other raptor you didn't even know was there. Because Utahraptor's a pair hunter, you see, he uses coordinated attack patterns and he is out in force today. And he slashes at you with a nine and a half-inch retractable claw, like a razor, on the inner toe. He doesn't bother to bite your jugular like a lion, oh no … he slashes at you across the solarplexus or maybe across the belly, spilling your intestines. The point is … you are alive when they start to eat you."

Utahraptor ostrommaysorum stands about 12 feet tall at the shoulder with a length of around 23 feet and weighs in at 1,100 pounds. The top of its body is covered in short brown and tan striped protofeathers that grow to a bright red cockatoo like crest along the top of it's head. Its belly and underside are mostly bare brown scales except for a red fuzz on the underside of its jaw and on its face (females have a smaller and more dull-red head crest, and their jaw-fuzz is red-brown). It carries itself lightly and bobs its head a bit when it walks. Its clawed hands constantly clench into fists and release. The trailing edge of its arms have somewhat longer feathers. The innermost toes of its feet are almost nonexistent, being replaced by a 9.4 inch retractable sickle shaped claw that flexes up and down in sync with the contraction of its hands. It is primarily a diurnal creature as it lacks good night vision due to its drastically improved color vision. It prefers to hunt in the morning and evening and always in pairs as Utahraptors mate for life. If a Utahraptor's mate is killed it will often fly into a vicious rage. After all other nearby creatures are chased away or killed, the creature will stay by it's mate's body for days, leaving only when extreme hunger overtakes it. Their courtship ritual is complex and lengthy, taking days and consisting mainly of head-bobs and arm-sweeps. Mated pairs will often lay next to each other and nip each other on the neck as a sign of affection. They lay 4 to 6 eggs at a time in a nest of mud and straw. The eggs take 40 to 60 days to incubate, and the young are mature by 2 years of age. Till then they stay with their parents and learn to hunt. Their amber-yellow eyes have a certain 'knowing' quality not present in other dinosaurs or even birds.


Pounce (Ex): If a Utahraptor charges, it can make a full attack


A Utahraptor has a +8 racial bonus on Hide, Jump, Listen, and Survival checks, and a +11 on Spot checks due to its Human-comparable color vision.

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