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Welcome to my talk page![edit]

Feel free to ask anything, I'll try to reply as quickly as possible!

Question about the Mech Pilot[edit]

Greetings, I had a question about your Mech Pilot class. I have been interested in playing that class in a campaign for a while now. I even made a character for it! But, as most people have experienced sometimes campaigns do not come off the ground... Anyway, a few months later I am going to do a new campaign where my old Mech Pilot would work really well. And I saw that it was updated and was really ecstatic about the new and cool changes! I also saw that the person that made the changes was not you but someone who in the changelog said that they had talked to you about it. Now for the question I was wondering, what was so broken about the Summon Mech module? I understood why some of the other old modules got cut, and I also understood why some were almost unchanged but this one puzzled me quite a lot. It was one of my favourite modules and I already had some cool roleplaying moments I could do with it in mind. And I also found it to seem quite practical it was my first choice for a module! But, you have way more insight and experience with the class than someone who has not even played it. I mean, you are the creator! But I would love to know the reasoning. Thank you very much for reading! I hope I am not being too much of a bother I am just really interested in stuff like this. --Juki12 (talk) 17:17, 19 April 2021 (CET)

Hello Juki! Firstly, I am sorry for taking so long to answer.
I am not really sure why this module has been cut, since I liked it too. Currently, I don't know too much about the current iteration, so maybe ask in the discussion tab about it or ask (talk) directly, this person knows better about the class right know.
If you liked it anyways, you can use the WaybackMachine to look at an older save if you don't have one or just ask again how this module can be implemented.
I am sorry for not being able to help you more than this, but I will ask in the discussion tab as well.
Have a nice day and thank you for being interested in the class!
--Shorty181 (talk) 11:27, 29 April 2021 (MDT)
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